Samsung Galaxy Tab: Uninstall Apps

Remove apps from your Samsung Galaxy Tab and free up some memory. You can uninstall apps as long as they weren’t included as part of the ROM of the tablet. So apps like Blockbuster, Kindle and Slacker can’t be removed. Apps you’ve added from the Android Market can be removed with these steps:

1. From the Home screen tap Menu.

2. Select Settings.

3. Choose Applications.

4. Select Manage applications.

5. Select the application you wish to remove.

6. Tap the Uninstall button.

7. Tap OK.

The app will then be removed from the Galaxy Tab.


  1. E. Perry says

    Regardless, I have things like A&E, xfinity, and HBO go so i don’t want Netflix. Similarily I should be able to remove anything I don’t want on an product that I purchased.

  2. tor says

    Thank-you for the easy tips. It was helpful, and we were able to delete a lot of junk from my daughters tablet.

  3. Barry Davis says

    I fixed the original problem by taking the Tab back to Sprint and they replaced it with a new one that you can uninstall apps you download to the device. The apps that come with it are permanent which is fine because I use them extensively. The 30 day trial period is there so if you get a faulty item you can get it replaced with one that works.

  4. Hey Barry says

    I followed the instructions and I uninstalled some apps that I downloaded. They were also gone when I rebooted.

  5. Barry Davis says

    You can’t even remove the apps you install. Oh you can try the step outlined above but when you reboot there they are. Icons are still there and the programs will either still work of you get the Force Close error message. Wiping the tab back to factory specs doesn’t work either they are still there. Formatting the SD card doesn’t work either…nope still there or force closing. I give up, I’d like this tab to work but I’m at my wits end.

  6. Scared Limp says

    You can remove factory installed apps if you know how. It’s just “soft”ware and therefore by definition can be removed. Keep searching and eventually you’ll find instructions on how to do it. It will no doubt require rooting your device and possibly installing some special tools to do it.

  7. Tony says

    I was recently given a new Tab by a friend but I am having difficulty removing software that came with the Tab. This particular software is not part of the system but something that I would like to remove.I have gone through the correct process of trying to remove this software but the uninstall button is immobilized in other words it will not allow me to remove this particular software. Any suggestions?

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