Samsung Galaxy Tab: Take Screenshot

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has the ability to take a screenshot built into the unit. Just follow these easy steps and you’ll be able to capture your screen to an image file and save it to your SD card.

1. Navigate to the screen you wish to capture.

2. Press and hold the Escape/Back button.

3. Continue holding Escape/Back, then press the Power button two times. You should hear the sound of a shutter click to confirm the shot was taken.

4. Open the Gallery app.

5. A folder named ScreenCapture will be available and it will contain your Galaxy Tab screenshot image.


  1. Livvy says

    Ive been downloaded some images. I tried to move them to sd card but it seems not shown either in sd card or ext sd card. I lookup thru “all files” folder. I already moved screenshots images to ext sd card, but still where are those images?

  2. sha says

    after downloading application from market, my tab force closed. and the applications disappeared. I tried to reset it, but the screen says that there is a problem in the home command so it has to force close again. I cannot hard reset it because the settings command is not in my widget. I can receive calls and msgs, but i have no access to all of the applications in my tab.

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