Samsung Galaxy Tab: Steps For Hard Reset

A hard reset will reset the Samsung Galaxy Tab back to factory default settings. You would perform these steps if you want the device prepared to sell or return to the store, but you may also want to perform a hard reset if there are problems with the device that you can’t seem to solve using any other method.

Note: These steps clear data from the device. SD card data like your photos and music are not erased unless you choose to format the SD card.

1. With the device off, press and hold Volume Up and Power.

2. Release the Power button when you see the Samsung logo, but continue to hold Volume Up until the recovery screen appears.

3. Use the Volume buttons to navigate the menu and select wipe data / factory reset. Press Home to choose the selection.

4. Press Volume Up continue.

The Galaxy Tab should then go through the hard reset process.

If you have access to the OS, you can also perform a hard reset in Settings.

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Select Privacy.

3. Choose Factory data reset.


  1. Mark says

    I did the vol + and the power button but nothing happens and it just seems to freeze, I waiting a few minutes but still the same – I can’t use my Google account as for some reason it wont accept my password and says the WiFi is not connected to get an update from Google to change it.

  2. conrad says

    I have a galaxy tab 3 8.0. The screen suddenly went blank when I tried to turn it on and now it is useless. I tried all the reset actions and nothing works. When I do get it on, I am swinging this one on OLX!

  3. hugo says

    I have a new Samsung android tablet tab3 model I was trying to reset my password, with no luck. any way watching a utube video I followed what I thought were the right instructions , but finished up in something called ODIN MODE with a yellow picture and underneath the words “downloading ” and under that word “do not turn off target” I cannot do anything with the tablet now , wont switch off , wont do anything . Can anyone help with this problem thankyou in hope

  4. Aquella says

    Hi ,, i forgot the pattern that was originally set up on my tab and i dont have my gmail account details anymore do you know if theres any other ways on how to hard reset my tab
    please help i dont know what to do next its asking me for the pattern

  5. WILL says

    I have a Samsung Galaxy tablet 10.
    I have a frozen screen when I try a hard reset.
    It get’s to the screen where it is … wiping data … formatting data… and it freezes on this screen. It does not reboot.
    Anyone have any words of wisdom?

  6. chiara says

    I have tried the steps explained above but absolutely nothing. My tablet (bought 4 months ago) was working as usual this morning. I decided to reset it since the music player strangely was blocked, and in doing so, once the reset sign appeared on the display, it all became black and it stopped giving any sign of reaction. Any ideas on what I can do know?

  7. Major says

    smy galaxy tab`s battery was working just fine, and then when it reached 70% it suddenly dropped to 35% ! i don`t know what`s wrong it hasn`t been one week since i bought it ! please guys help me out i`m frustrated

  8. Deb says

    My tablet was working fine, plugged it in for charging overnight. Next morning, could not turn it on – black screen. Tried the hard reset per above, only get a the camera flash. No response on the screen, still completely black. Any ideas? Tablet was not dropped, is kept in a leather case with the keyboard. Have had it 5 months.

  9. GQuick says

    The application Launcher (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again

    this is the repeated message that I get allowing me to choose force close or report. choosing either one only repeats the message and choices. I’d be glad to try the hard reset steps but I can’t get the pad to turn off at all. any one know how to do that?

  10. dawny says

    my tablet just says force close on every thing, i have started a cold=boot, how long does this take? and will ilose everything i had on there?

  11. Bob says

    Hello , to begin I am to sadden I am French. I have one cares with my samsung galaxy S (one mp4) I cannot reach the recovery but I accede has a page for a custom os how can it be done? please

  12. Chishala says

    I would first like to thank you for the above step.They helped me fix my problem. However, I need to ask one more favor. I restarted and the tablet come in some language I could only understand by figuring out that some word meant accept and now I have it opperating system is in that same language. How do I change back to English.
    thank you

  13. Todd says

    I also have a Galaxy Tab that I have had for about two weeks. I has gone completely blank. It doesn’t act like it’s charging, or the computer doesn’t find it when its plugged in. I have tried holding the power button but that doesn’t work either. Any suggestions?

  14. Tamara says

    Thank you so much for this. Mine wouldn’t connect to the internet and do the update so I figured if I reset it then things would be OK. I followed your directions and it worked now updating firmware. Thanks

  15. Katrina says

    tried the reset as described above, think I must have missed a step at the beginning.
    I now have on my screen the Green Android with the message below “Downloading…do not turn off target!!”
    in the top corner of the screen:
    Product name:GT-P5113
    Custom Binary Download: NO
    Current Binary: Samsung_Official

    should I be worried? is it resetting or doing something else?

  16. danielle says

    hello, can anyone help, my tab wony turn on, i went to go on it but a green robot was on the screen so i pressed the power button, now nothing at all, have tried holdin power button and screen but nothin, any ideas??

  17. Cris says

    I have a galaxy tab 7, every time I do a factory reset, the apps come back and the force close still keep happening. Got a hold of samsung and want me to send it to them at more than the tablet is worth. Someone mentions flashing??whatever that is. I know allot of people have had the same problem with this tablet, and no one seems to have a solution. The only app that was restored to factory was market and I can’t get that to work to upgrade to play store. I have more force close messages than before the factory reset. I can’t uninstall the apps to where they are totally gone. Any help would be appreciated

  18. Sunil Bedi says

    While hard reset all the options displayed are in Chinese so not sure which option to select. Plz help with step by step process

    Thanks in advance

  19. steve says

    poor henry, the same happen to me put its not the screen, did you find a solution, i didn’t, maybe you can help

  20. Sdiesel says

    Hi Henry,

    It might be a known issue with the Galaxy Tab. The tab get stuck and the user think that there is no power but actually it’s only the screen that remains black.
    The solution: press the power button and hold it until the tab restart (should be around 15sec)

    Try this, it might solve your problem ;)

  21. Henry says

    I have Samsung Galaxy Tab, I use for 1 month, and now have no power, even I charge all day, no power at all, please anyone know what happen can help me, thankyou

  22. loren says

    my galaxy tab 7 plus went black and i tried to do hard reset as advised but it didnt work i tried to plug in but there was a yellow warning sign its not battery off as far as i know but its not charging too…can somebody please help me!

  23. Perx says

    Thanks for this info, I have just reset my Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. I prefer reseting my tab after updating the firmware.

  24. tim says

    home button does not work, touchscreen not working cannot perform hard reboot because it wont select from menu

  25. Dorothy says

    I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 7.0 a couple of weeks ago and I came across this page trying to find out how to reset it so I can return it. For basic use, I suppose that this little tablet is OK, It works fine if you just need it for Twitter or email, but I kept finding that every time I went looking for a specific app that I wanted I always got an error message telling me that the app was incompatible with my model. I’m not talking about large games, I wanted the USAA mobile app and the app.

    Anyway, for anyone else looking to reset this tablet, I need to correct the information given above when it says that “If you have access to the OS, you can also perform a hard reset in Settings. 1. Open the Settings app. 2. Select Privacy. 3. Choose Factory data reset.”

    I actually wound up finding it in Settings/Scroll left menu down to Personal/tap Back up and Restore/then Factory Data Reset.

  26. Elle W says

    I dont have a carrier specific Galaxy Tab 10.1 so my SD card is not removable…im not sure if i even have one honestly. But i think i do because my media files are all labels as being in DCIM and SD card. Sso my question is, if i hard reset my galaxy tab, will my music, photos, and movie files all be deleted from the my galaxy tab. As they are supposed to be save to an SD card but i cant remove the SD card before i factory reset with out unscrewing and taking the back cover off. Please help. My tablets been crashing and running super slow and nothing else works to fix the problem. Im sure a hard reset will, but i dont want to risk losing all my pictures and videos

  27. Ihuoma says

    try holding down low volume key and power if the up volume key did not work for me.
    UP + power switched off p7500 completely while
    down + power took me to the boot menu.
    whiping the cache memory restored the Tab, 10.1.

  28. Richard Feraro says

    If you’re still having a problem doing a hard reset, make sure you uninstall ROM Manager application first, then follow again the instructions above.

  29. Chris says

    Can someone tell me precicely what buttons to press – I need to do a hard-reset to return a faulty tablet (The screen does not work!)

    Obviously – since I can’t use the screen – I need to know the exact steps to follow.

    Also – has anyone who did this remembered if there’s any audio or vibration feedback at all? Is there any non-visual way to confirm the wipe took place? I can hear some music when I power this on for example…

  30. Redrogue says

    Thank you ever so much. My device croaked as I tried to connect it to an external HD. Couldn’t even turn it off. Feared I’d bricked it. But thanks to your advice total revival without data loss. Didn’t have to do a factory reset either. You really saved my day.

  31. Ferdous Alam says

    I had froyo in my Galaxy Tab. I rooted that. Then one day, I did factory reset CWM. Then I updated to Gingerbread 2.3.3. Now I want to do a factory reset. But nothing works. I tried with the built-in one, then CWM and also the method you mentioned above. But nothing is working. Could you please help me?

  32. brokenman says

    Have been five weeks trying to find a fix for my tablet. Samsungs own help pages are naf.

    Just decided to call it a day and found this page.
    You have restored my faith in human nature. I love you…

  33. Jay says

    Found it … in the settings menu there is a SD Card and Tablet Storage menu. Inside that menu is a Format Internal Memory button … even when you do a hard reset some of the files you have downloaded remain on the tablet for some reason. This internal memory will wipe everything.

  34. Jay says

    When I follow these instructions .. things are still on my Tablet (and not my SD card because I removed it and then did the reset and haven’t put it back in the device)

    I’m wondering if there is a full reset available?

  35. mu-ath says

    i have pressed in the volume up bottom and then the power botton but nothing happens. i kept it in for a minute. i cant even charge this unit. ususally a battery will be displayed but now nothing happens at all. just a black screen.

  36. Viking says

    Seems to me that the resetting tecnic in boot loader doesnt work.
    Tried the Settings->Privacy->Facory reset. And it worked

  37. Sohail says

    This procedure really works, only to point: in step 3, after pressing HOME, it appears a triangle with ! symbol and the android icon, I wait till 5 to 10 mint but not finished yet, so my problem is not solved.

    Tell me what can i do now ?

  38. John says

    Hey dude did you get any reply about the issue as I am having the same problem, pls let me know as I don’t know what to do,,

  39. sintierra says

    Thanks a lot, it really works. Special thanks to “Click”, because I also was waiting after the symbols what to do… After reading your comment I could continue the process.

  40. Peter says

    Uhh!!! Its great!!!
    I downloaded an English Dictionary progz and I cannot uninstall it. After a simply reset using the menu it just has left in the Galaxy tab I found in Settings -> Applications and always cause a little freeze in my tab. This reset resolve the problem!!!! Great!!!

  41. Ayush Agrawal says

    Hi I have a samsung tab, suddenly since yesterday I am finding the screen to be a little unresponsive in some particular spots, I tried searching for possible problem/solution but it seems no one else have faced this problem, any idea?

  42. ronny says

    when i did volume down and power briefly
    The message is dowloading still in progress pls don’t turn off the target
    did i do any mistakes?

  43. Mounif says

    It worked. Many thanks.
    Be patient, you have to cofirm each step with Home button.

  44. David Connolly says

    Just FYI:
    To access the reset menu on a Samsung Galaxy Pro GTB7510L, you turn it off, then restart it with the ‘T’ and ‘on’ buttons held down until the logo appears, then release the ‘on’ button.
    It’s a bit fiddly, but it worked for me. (I had to restore the system because a downloaded application froze it, leaving no access to the menu.)

  45. Bockser says

    Hi guys,

    i tried it out, but it doesnt realy work for me, because there are some steps, are not described.

    I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000.

    After you activated factory reset, you got to confirm the reset by tabing again on the Home-Button, 2 times. Now the device erases all data and restart. This may takes about 20 sekounds.

    Hope that helps somebody.

  46. Hitman says

    i am holding volume up and power button, and recovery screen doesn’t show up, can you please help me?

  47. Mitch says

    Text messages will be erased using these steps. Email messages should resync with the system you’re using.

  48. mikej says

    I dropped my tab and a car drive over it, resest procedure didn’t repair it, thanks anyway :-)

  49. Kevin says

    I have a problem I’m hoping somebody can help with. When I try to perform a hard reset, the Samsung spash screen appears and then disappears, I’m still holding the volume up button at this time but the screen goes black and does nothing else, even after I release the volume up button the screen still is black. Anyone have any suggestions.


  50. johan says

    i think i accidentally went in to “hard reset mode”… wehn switching on it gave me the follwoing message: “power reset or unknown upload mode”. i don’t want to reset and just want to exit / switch off, but don’t seem to be able to… any advice? (this error message isn’t covered in the booklet)

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