Samsung Galaxy Tab: Set New Gmail Password

If you have reset your password within Gmail, you’ll have to reset it on your Samsung Galaxy Tab as well. If you’re having trouble finding the setting, we’ve got you covered.

1. Tap the application slider and open the Gmail app.

2. Press the Menu button located below the screen.

3. Tap Refresh. TheĀ retrievalĀ of email will fail.

4. Close Gmail and slide down the notification bar.

5. Select Sign-in error… option.

6. You should be prompted to supply new credentials. Type your new password and tap Sign in.

You should now successfully connect.


  1. sandhya says


    I have logged in my S4 Mini 1 year . know i need to change the mobile. I dont remember my G-mail password . Please help.
    I dont remember any of the secret questions

  2. krishna says

    in tab pro 12.2 i tried upto step 3. as step 4 in the notification bar clicked on signin . login failed and showed options. clicked retry option. given new password. it worked.

  3. hue says

    It’s sad that this process is so simple on an iPhone/iPad but on my Galaxy Tab 3 it’s a gauntlet just to reset the password. Even on a Windows PC, it’s so much simpler. You would think on Googles own OS it would be more straight forward.

  4. Chris says

    Fixing this was actually very easy. I simply Forced Stop and Wiped Data on the particular App, in this case both the Gmail App and the Email app on the phone.

    Going back into the app let me re-enter the info from scratch and cleared the issue.

  5. Medda says

    I followed these steps repeatedly, but every time I select the Sign-in error option, it just takes me to the General Preferences under settings. Still no request for a correct password or any option to input it. Any suggestions?

  6. Charles Franz says

    I have a REAL problem with this. I should not have to wait for a hard-coded network time-out to change this password. There is literally no way to EDIT existing email accounts. That’s just WRONG!!! I’ve worked in IT for 30 years. I’m not complaining to Samsung, I’m complaining about the Android OS. I’m also complaining about Google. Let’s say you change your GMail password. You have 2 options on your droid device: RESET everything to default, losing all your apps and data; OR, waiting for the time-out while gmail tries to sync and hoping a “sign-in error” will appear on your notification page. That REALLY sucks big time!

  7. Veron says

    Under #4, sliding down the notification bar didn’t work for me. I had to use the menu under the screen and select notification from there. But thanks for getting me 90% of the way there.

  8. Mad Dog says

    if you have never done this then its a nightmare trying to figure it as gmail wont let you reset back to an old password and the tab wants to delete all associated data if you remove the account, this is a simple tip but worth its weight in gold THANKS

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