Samsung Galaxy Tab: Set Individual Contact Ringtones For Text Messages

The stock Messaging app on the Samsung Galaxy Tab doesn’t allow you to set ringtones for individual contacts for when you receive a text message. There is a free third-party app you can use called Handcent that you can use to accomplish this though. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

1. Open the Messaging app and disable notifications by going to Menu > Settings and unchecking Notifications. This will prevent double text message notifications.

2. Open Market and download and install Handcent.

3. Open Handcent.

4. Tap a contact in the list. If the contact you wish to set a ringtone for isn’t there, send one to the person.

5. Tap the icon with the gear located toward the upper-right corner of the screen.

Handcent config contact button

6. Tap Notification Settings.

Handcent notification settings

7. Tap Notification sound.

Handcent Notification sound for contact

8. Select the ringtone you wish to use for the contact.

You have successfully added a text message ringtone to a contact on your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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