Samsung Galaxy Tab: Remove Widgets

Widgets are my favorite thing in the Android OS. I like being able to look on my home screen and get instant information. The factory default widgets on the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy Tab weren’t very useful me, so I removed them. Here’s how.

1. Tap and hold the widget you wish to remove for about 2 seconds. The widget will grow in size.

2. Continue to hold the widget, then drag it down to the trashcan that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Now you’ve cleared enough space to add your own stuff to the home screen.


  1. Lady Di says

    I have tried for months to remove unwanted widgets from pages, please tell me how. This tab is definitely not user friendly nor does it have controls easy to access.

  2. Ricky says

    This is a follow up on my first write up . Ifound out i am able to remove those
    App icons from the screen. But when i tap on the widget screen a lot of widgets appeared and from this screen i was not able to remove them,why?

  3. Ricky says

    Sir, i wonder if you can help me remove the few pages of widgets appear on my samsung galaxy tab2. I touched them and then drag them to the trashcan and when the trashcan turned red i let go of my finger and dumped them ofcourse one item at a time. After i trashed them i look on the same page ,the widgets sytill there. Could you tell me what went wrong.

  4. Eugene says

    Re: Phil

    To uninstall
    1. go apps ->
    2. select “widgets” tab ->
    3. tap “options” (left to home page button) -> seelct Uninstall
    4. tap “-” red sign of the widget frame you’re uninstalling

  5. Phil says

    It removes the widget from the screen, but not from the phone. I added a widget that I now permanently want to remove from my phone.
    By the way – there are a few that came with the phone (courtesy of Sprint) that I’d like to remove as well, if anyone knows how.

  6. Carl says

    Big thanks for this! Bought my Galaxy Mini yesterday. Today I thought I’d check the capacities so I flooded my desktop with workspaces (7 of them). The next instant I wished to delete all but perhaps 1 or 2. I saw that trash can bar in the bottom, but couldn’t tap it. I was furious, until I found this post. Thanks!

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