Samsung Galaxy Tab: Move Apps to SD Card

If you want to save memory space on your Samsung Galaxy Tab, you can move apps to the SD card. Once you have installed the app to your Galaxy Tab, you can perform these steps.

Note: Apps that you move to the SD card cannot be accessed when the device is mounted to a computer.

1. From the home screen, press the Menu button below the screen.

2. Select Settings.

3. Tap Applications.

4. Tap Manage Applications.

5. Choose the app you wish to move.

6. Tap the Move to SD card button.

Galaxy Tab move to SD card button

The Galaxy Tab will then go through the process of installing the app to the SD card. If you get a “Failed to move application” error, the app was probably included with the ROM of the device and cannot be moved.

Of course, this process can become tedious if you wish to move all of your apps to the SD card. Luckily there is an app called SDMove available in the Android Market that will do this for you. From SDMove you can simply tap Menu > Move All and all apps that can be moved will be.

If you ever decide you want an app to be moved back to the device memory, you can repeat steps 1-5 and choose Move to device.


  1. Maria says

    I too have the same problem. Does anyone care to even give us an answer from the Samsung company? I am really frustrated.

  2. abul Mullick says

    I have a samsung tab 2 7.0 jelly bean and I have installed a lot of games which is eating up space on my device but I am unable 2 move it….I am not getting the option “move 2 sd” so how cn I move it plzz help

  3. Judy says

    moving apps to SD card does not work on my Samsung Galaxy tab 2…There is no move to SD card options——-Help

  4. Marvin McKinley says

    I have a new Samsung Tab 2 7.0 and bought the 32G external storage card and cannot move anything to it. I have the app CoPilot and it uses up most of my space on device. Need to move it. I have tried everything and no way to move to SD card. Help

  5. Bernadette Shuemake says

    i can not recovery my photos from samsung tablet. I’m not sure if i save it on a sd card or device. Please help me thank you

  6. rose says

    I have the same problem, i have a samsung galaxy tab 2, i put a SD card in and it wont give me the option to move apps to a card.

  7. Renea says

    I have had a Galaxy tab 2 for about a month and have been using it without a SD card and I bought one so I could move some of my apps to it to free up space . When I go to manage my apps there is not a move to SD card option like on my android phone. I do not know what to do about this. Can anyone shed some light on this situation?

  8. Paulskie says

    The method of moving apps to the sd card, on the Galaxy Tab, workes ok until I re-booy the phone. Then all icons for the moved apps are gone :-). Had to move all of them back to the phone.

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