Samsung Galaxy Tab: Install Android Market Via APK

Some versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab don’t have the Android Market included with it. You can always visit other Android app web sites to pick up apps, but the Android Market makes it so much easier. Trying to live without it is just annoying. You’ll have to download and install it separately. Here is a way to do it using a Windows PC and the Android SDK.

Note: You have to have root access to perform these steps.

1. Open Settings and select Applications.

2. Check Unknown sources.

3. Download and install the Android SDK. For purposes of this tutorial, we installed the SDK to C:\Android.

4. Download and install the Android USB Drivers.

5. Download and install Root Explorer. (Since you don’t have Android Market, you’ll have to search for a Root Explorer APK file you can install on your device. Google it, and be sure to buy the app to support the developers. It’s totally worth $4.)

6. From your computer, download Android apps and extract the com.amarket.apk and GoogleServicesFramework.apk from the file.

7. Mount the Galaxy Tab to your computer via USB cable and copy the com.amarket.apk and GoogleServicesFramework.apk files over to the device.

8. Open Root Explorer. From the sdcard folder, tap GoogleServicesFramework.apk and walk through the installation.

9. From the sdcard folder, tap and hold the com.amarket.apk file until a menu appears and select Copy.

10. Navigate to the \system\app folder and Paste the file into that folder.

11. Tap and hold the com.amarket.apk file and select Permissions.

12. Set permissions to rw-r–r–.

13. Tap com.amarket.apk to install it.

14. Restart the Galaxy Tab and Android Market will be installed and ready to use..


  1. Mard says

    Does not work for me. The com.amarket.apk file cannot be copied to the system/apps folder. error says folder is read only, even though my tablet has already been rooted.

  2. Chavan Ajeenckya P says

    I too have the same problem
    Did not find any solution yet. Did u?
    I m from mainland china.

  3. febin kp says

    I am from india.I am using samsung galaxy tab. i have the same problem ,cant able open market application.what should i do.

  4. Lax says

    can i also use this method to install other .apk files on my android xpreria x10. i’m now in sudan and unable to load anroid markets. please i would appreciate ur reply

  5. dex says

    is there anything we can do to make galaxy tab from china work. i was able to produce the android market. but when i am trying to install an app. it force closes.

  6. Sohail says

    I get this problem from time to time. I use two different vpn connections, one from uk and one from us. Maybe you need to try another vpn.

  7. Sohail says

    Thanks for the reply.

    It turned out that the problem is with Market detecting my location from my phone number. Activating Flight Mode then connecting the VPN and then running the market (which appears when I switch my CSC code using that *#272…) solved the problem.

    That is the cool thing about living in a country which is both banned and also applies internet filtering: We are being beaten both ways!

  8. kevin says

    the reason it closed is that you need google account need more files to be put in the /system/app folder of your device. your carrier removed the android market apps and google apps, so if you just install this Android Market APK file (vending.apk), that will not work

  9. Sohail says

    Thanks for the detailed guide.

    I did it, the Android Market icon is added, but when I start it, it shows a white screen with “Loading” in the middle and that circling star, and after some seconds it closes back. (In the first start it asked for licence confirmation too)

    I am in Iran, and using a VPN to bypass the limitations to access sites like

    I also tried that *#272*IMEI# method to change the CSC code to several different codes, but it had the same result.

    Would be so thankful if you could help.

  10. Nino says

    i followed the steps, and it is installed now on my galaxy tab, and it shows the applications, but when i press on any application, the tab gives vibration and gives me the following message:
    “the application market(process stopped unexpectedly. please try again”
    and there is a “force close” button.
    when i press it, it disappears, and when i open it again and repeat the same steps, gives me the same message.

  11. max says

    I managed to get the Android Market installed on my Galaxy Tab… or at least the icon appeared undere applications.
    but when click on it, it’s like starting for a fraction of a second and then stops…
    but i got the China Mainland version … is that the problem?

  12. kevin says

    TAB is already detected by the PC? unplug usb cable first.
    go Home-Application-settings–>manage application-development–?check to enable usb debugging mode. than plugin your usb cable..


    then go command prompt, navigate to the ADB SDK tools folder, run “Adb devices” to check if you device is set on or not..

    if not, you need USB Driver, if yes, go follow this article to install any APPS APK to your device,,,

    I am sure this guide will not work the galaxy tab from some country like China mainland…. China IS HUge now?

  13. Basit says

    Hey Mitch,

    Thx for the detailed article. I tried all the steps and got the msg as mentioned by John “error: device not found” even though the device is connected and detected by the laptop.

    I would really appreciate it if you can help me here since I feel without the Android Market the Tab isn’t really a lot of fun. Kindly looking for your help, thx and regards!

  14. Mitch says

    You need to execute the command from where ADB is located. Seems you installed the SDK to a different directory or the tool isn’t in that directory for some reason.

  15. John Acielo says

    Why is it that when command in step 9 is executed, a message appears that adb is not an internal or external command.

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