Samsung Galaxy Tab: Forward Text Messages

If you need to forward SMS or MMS text messages to another recipient from the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the feature is available in the Messaging app.

1. Open the Messaging app.

2. Select the thread that contains the text message you wish to forward.

3. Tap and hold the individual message for about two seconds until a menu appears.

4. Select Forward.

5. Type the recipient phone number or contact name in the To field.

6. Edit the message in the bottom field if necessary.

7. Tap Send when you’re ready for forward the text message.

The message should be off and you’ve successfully forwarded text messages from the Samsung Galaxy Tab.


  1. jason dean says

    How can I forward entire thread?…virgin smart phone guy here..I appreciate the help. Thank you

  2. Isaac says

    I want to know why when i try to forward a text message, the message always has to be converted to a multimedia message. i just want to forward a plain sms and not an mms.

  3. Julie says

    Thanks that was very helpful information on how to forward a text with Gallaxy 2 phone!

  4. Big Al says

    Thanks for this, like many of the posts it was frustrating that the info was not in the manual, cheers

  5. Ann says

    Thanks for the info. Considering the cost of the phone it should have come with instructions/manual. Anyway, thanks again,

  6. Beckie says

    Thanks 4 all the guidance re forwarding texts- however, tried to send as instructed but it said “converting to multi media” which was at 10.00 a.m this morning and it still says “sending”. It was a long text that I wanted to forward. Did anyone else have this problem?

  7. David says

    Agree about lack of manual . Thanks for help . . First Web site I went into wanted to charge me for assistance !

  8. Al says

    So easy, but hard to follow unless someone shows you. Fantastic phone but thought it was strange that it didn’t come with a manual included. Progress I guess…

  9. geboy says

    thanks, i’ve been trying to figure this out for two days. I’ve been a nokia fan so im not familiar with this touch and hold thing. hehe!!! thanks again.

  10. Spud says

    Hi – thanks for this, it was doing my head in. Not used to the “hold down and wait” thing.

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