Samsung Galaxy Tab: Enable USB Debugging

If you’re a developer who is using the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you should enable USB Debugging on the device. This option will allow communication between the developer tools software and the Galaxy Tab. Certain apps may also need USB Debugging enabled in order to properly communicate with the device.

1. From the home screen, press the Menu button below the screen.

2. Tap the Settings option.

3. Choose Applications.

4. Select Development.

5. Check the box for USB Debugging to turn it on.


  1. Arun Prakash says

    Hi, I’m new to Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. And How to run a html 5 file in Note 2 with the developer mode enabled.
    If any knows, let me know as I’m in urgent.

  2. Alison Martin says


    I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy. I’m trying to use your product, and reason a message re: USB debugging. I’m following directions to enable, but it does not work. Any suggestions?


  3. Dave Johnson says

    Just a note that may be helpful to some people: On my Tab 2, the Developer Options page has an on/off (soft) switch at the top. With this in the ‘off’ position, all the options are disabled. I didn’t spot that at first, so wasted some time searching for ways to enable the options.

  4. yassine says

    Well, i want to use my galaxy tab 10.1 p7500 to debug my apps which i develop using eclipse, although i need some driver to make eclipse get to know about the tab ?? any ideas

  5. Bill says

    The galaxy tablet “USB debugging” checkbox is disabled if the USB cable is attached.
    1.) Remove the USB cable.
    2.) Check the checkbox
    3.) Reattach the USB cable.

    (repeat everytime it disables itself…approximately 15 minutes on my tab)

  6. rain says

    Thanks a lot, this surely solved my getting to connect to Kies (although the reverse of this post), apparently I have enabled debugging mode for my previous app deployments and with this I’m able to get back to connect to Kies :)

  7. Eric says

    On a mac here, and I can enable USB debugging but only for a few minutes. It turns itself off for no apparent reason. Anyone else seen this or have a solution?

    I tried both mass storage and and media player under network USB settings but it made no difference.

  8. Dean from Australia says

    I can confirm that it didn’t work for me either. I have Kies installed but I just kept getting two devices coming up as drives but I couldn’t access them.

  9. Pig says

    If anyone will find this entry searching for why is “Enable USB debugging” option is grayed out and disabled – you can not change that option, while your device is plugged in. Unplug, enable USB debugging, add android:debuggable=”true” to manifest file and you’re good to go.

    If it matters I’m using Mac (so no Samsung Kies for me) and device is set to be “Mass storage”.

  10. Jeff says

    That’s how I have it set, and the I can’t see the device listed using ‘adb devices’. It’s my guess that Samsung still has a lot of tweaking to do on the OS.

  11. Mitch says

    I wonder if setting it as a mass storage device would work for you. Menu > Settings > Wireless and network > USB Settings, then select Mass

  12. Jeff says

    I see. Thanks for the tip, but that seems to be a Windows-only app. I use Mac & Linux. Guess I’m stuck for now.

  13. Jeff says

    Nice instructions, but they don’t work. The device is not recognized by the debugger. This works for every other Android device that I have, but not the Galaxy Tab. Can you show a picture of it working for you?

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