Samsung Galaxy Tab: Enable/Disable Data Roaming

If you will be taking your Samsung Galaxy Tab with you on a trip, you may want to keep an eye on your data usage while roaming. There are some wireless networks out there that will overbill your wireless provider when you connect to them. Enable or disable Data Roaming with these steps.

1. From the Home screen, press Menu and select Settings or tap Applications and select Settings.

2. Choose Wireless and networks.

3. Select Mobile networks.

4. Check Data roaming to turn it on and use data while roaming. Uncheck it to turn it off and not have data while roaming.


  1. Sheogorath says

    Interesting article. However, my problem is how to turn roaming off when it isn’t even switched on and the little capital R symbol shows up in place of the 3G symbol _anyway_!

  2. Newbie says

    I don’t even have the option. No point of a phone that doesnt roam. Its actually quite annoying…most of my mornings are spent in spots where I don’t have service.

  3. keith stephens says

    Doesn’t work. Just been to guernsaey, data roaming unchecked and still getting push email comiing through. On vodafone and connecting to airtel in guernsey

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