Samsung Galaxy Tab: Delete Text Messages

If the Messaging app is getting a bit cluttered, it may be time to delete text messages from the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The option to do so eludes many users. You can delete text messages by the entire thread or individual message. Here’s how to do both.

Delete text message threads from Samsung Galaxy Tab

1. Open the Messaging app.

2. Tap and hold the message thread until a menu appears.

3. Select Delete thread.

Delete individual text messages from Samsung Galaxy Tab

1. Open the Messaging app.

2. Select the message thread that contains the item you wish to delete.

3. Tap and hold the message until a menu appears.

4. Select Delete message.


  1. Candace says

    Thank you! I am new to the smartphone universe, and all I do is call and do some texting. I was flummoxed by new texts being added to old text threads. I have a Galaxy Relay, and this worked! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!

  2. Therese says

    I have done all of the above to remove messages . However, it does not remove the numbers of the businesses that texted which I don’t need as contacts. How do I remove these numbers?

  3. Robbie says

    You rock! I have been trying to figure this out forever. Thanks so much for this post.

  4. Sam says

    You’re a GENIUS!!!

    I had the problem with my Galaxy Tab, that I simply could not delete message threads!!!

    When viewing the message, I used to click the MORE Menu, (bottom left button), and I got a bunch of options, including DISCARD.

    When clicking DISCARD, I got the message that my message would be discarded, YES/NO.

    I clicked YES, and guess what, NOTHING!!!

    Pls try it on your TAB, and tell me if you have the same problem?

    It seems that Samsung has put a totally useless DISCARD option on this wonderful machine!

    Anyways, needless to say, you not only solved my problem, but you gave me a way to delete individual messages in threads, thereby allowing me to keep ONLY the IMPORTANT details, which is PRICELESS!!!

    Can I send you a gift or something?

    Thanks Loads, Sam.

  5. SEAN BOYLE says

    i have a galaxy tab and i used to be able to press and ole text message and it would open onto a bigger screen so i could read it all – but it has stopeed doing this – can you help

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