Samsung Galaxy Tab: Delete Bookmarks

The list of bookmarks on my Samsung Galaxy Tab has gotten out of hand. Many of them came pre-loaded. I have no use for them. It’s time to delete bookmarks using these steps.

1. Open the Browser app.

2. Tap the bookmarks icon in the upper-right part of the screen next to the address bar, or press and hold the escape key for about 2 seconds.

3. Under the Bookmarks tab, tap and hold the bookmark you wish to delete until a menu appears.

4. Choose Delete bookmark.


  1. pax says

    Yes…however, there are some bookmarks that will not allow you to delete them (such as facebook, youtube, yahoo…etc) – even when you press and hold the bookmark, and select ‘delete; a message comes up with “This bookmark cannot be deleted”. How fair is that!

  2. Kiwi Ron says

    Thanks, that was brilliant. Is there a way to stop the bookmarks automatically accumulating?

  3. ladonna says

    Thank u! I have been tryn to find out how to delete some bookmarks for so long. Yr awesome!

  4. Brenda Enevoldsen says

    Awesome! Thank you so much Mitch for making such a clear, helpful instruction. Love it when things are this easy.

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