Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: How to Take a Screenshot

Taking a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 really couldn’t be easier. Most devices require you to hit a button combination of some kind, but on the new Galaxy Tab 2, they’ve put this feature right into the main button menu.

This process should work for both the 7 inch model (version 7.0) and the ten inch model (version 10.1) of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

If you look at the bottom left in your main buttons, you’ll see an odd looking square button on the right. That’s the screenshot button.

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet

When you take a screenshot, after a moment it will even bring up a basic editor where you can draw on the screenshot, or write a note, etc. When you’re done, just press the check mark at the top of the page.

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet

All screenshots will be saved to your Gallery under a Screenshots folder.

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet

Update: After the ICS update for this device, the process for taking a screenshot has changed. The button has been removed. Now you will have to Power and Volume Down at the same time.



  1. Anne says

    The power and volume did not work for me, but the front center button and power button combo worked

  2. Karen Stevens says

    WHY WHY WHY have they done this update!! The screenshot button was OBVIOUSLY important to everyone who loves their tablet, like me.
    Please listen and revert back. Power/VOLUME COMBO is not brill.

  3. Desy says

    Power and Volume Down at the same time doesn’t work for me. What I am doing wrong?
    Please help me!!!

  4. Dharmesh says

    The screenshot quality is not good, especially for the text displays, when i try to refer a screenshot taking with Power+Volume Down, it doesnt show up clear fonts when zoomed, any solution for this?

  5. frankie G says

    The update has made me despise my tablet. It was great the way it was. I want my screenshot button back.How do i get that screenshot button back?

  6. Jandough says

    Who approved this garbage update? Did anyone test it? What ever happened to quality control? Please remove the entire update and fire everyone involved as it is pure trash.

  7. Kali says

    The update is stupid the screenshot button is gone and how do you do it now it has turned out like iPhone ios7 update common samsung you can do better.

  8. jim says

    Those of you that say “Try settings, quick launch…ect” are working with a different device. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. No “quick launch” can be found.

  9. Paris says

    I also do not like the missing screenshot button and I would like it to be placed back…I was not included in the poll when Samsung was actually asking the opinion of Samsung Galaxy users if they needed or even wanted a update. My mother also has a device and is equally upset. Please fix the issue, i would think these comment, and complaints would bring some concern to the IT dept. I mean damn it man. Change it back Please and Thanks.

  10. Catherine says

    I HATE this new “update.” What kind of update actually makes your device less friendly?? This is aweful! It’s making me reconsider the Samsung Tablet altogether. If anyone knows how to put the Screenshot icon back on the bottom, please let me know! It also lost all my Homescreen bookmarks and messed up my layout on the screen that I just got used to! PLEASE CHANGE THIS BACK!!!

  11. emma bolen says

    I do not like the update at all. It stinks really bad. I hatethe color sceem and how the screen shot button is gone. Please fix or add a new update with a different everything.

  12. Samsung fan says

    I am so upset. I have the Android 4.2.2 OS and I can’t take screenshots. I tried going to display but there is no quick launch option. So I will have to try this power and volume button crap to capture screenshots. Ugh!!!!! Help!!!!!!

  13. Michele says

    I’m glad I stumbled onto this page. Ive been trying to figure out how to screenshot.
    Press power button & lower volume button at the same time

    whew! That is much worse than the convenient button we had before the update.

  14. Jenni says

    The volume down and Power doesn’t work for me at all. What the heck!!! Why remove a perfectly awesome button!!!!! How am I suppose to screenshot now!!!!!! Grrrrrr I’m sooooooo upset!!!!!!!

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