Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: How to Take a Screenshot

Taking a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 really couldn’t be easier. Most devices require you to hit a button combination of some kind, but on the new Galaxy Tab 2, they’ve put this feature right into the main button menu.

This process should work for both the 7 inch model (version 7.0) and the ten inch model (version 10.1) of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

If you look at the bottom left in your main buttons, you’ll see an odd looking square button on the right. That’s the screenshot button.

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet

When you take a screenshot, after a moment it will even bring up a basic editor where you can draw on the screenshot, or write a note, etc. When you’re done, just press the check mark at the top of the page.

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet

All screenshots will be saved to your Gallery under a Screenshots folder.

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet

Update: After the ICS update for this device, the process for taking a screenshot has changed. The button has been removed. Now you will have to Power and Volume Down at the same time.



  1. wendy zaf says

    Since Galaxy tab 2.10 updated have no screen shot, how do I get it back really need it

  2. brenda says

    please! why did you take the screenshot button away??? I can see adding features- but removing? without asking? really? why??? put it back in the next update or risk losing customers!

  3. Nicko says

    It has a screenshot button
    You have to switch at the sametime the power button and the lower part of the volume

  4. lois says

    Please put the screenshot button back on the front screen. I used it all the time. I had to read a lot of articles to finally learn how for my tab 2. We use it so put it back where we want it

  5. Sasha Fligel says

    Please give us back our screenshot! The buttons to press for a screenshot are so difficult now that I always get a screeshot with the volume strip on it. Screenshot was my favourite.

  6. Yvonneharper says

    I am so so so dissapointed I dont havs my screen shot button anymore.. please can we get it back? I xknt understand why its been taken off!!!!!!!

  7. drew crawford says

    hello out there samsung. are you listening.? WE WANT OUR SCREENSHOT BUTTON BACK!! at the very least you could have made it an option in the settings for anyone who didnt want it!!

  8. Joanne Davidson says

    I cannot sync my Samsung email account. I keep geyting same mrssage,
    That says sync is not available. I am unable to open my Samsung email account Please Help

  9. Muzakka noman says

    After tab 2 10.1 has been up dated there is no button for taking a screeen shot.

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