Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: How to Take a Screenshot

Taking a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 really couldn’t be easier. Most devices require you to hit a button combination of some kind, but on the new Galaxy Tab 2, they’ve put this feature right into the main button menu.

This process should work for both the 7 inch model (version 7.0) and the ten inch model (version 10.1) of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

If you look at the bottom left in your main buttons, you’ll see an odd looking square button on the right. That’s the screenshot button.

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet

When you take a screenshot, after a moment it will even bring up a basic editor where you can draw on the screenshot, or write a note, etc. When you’re done, just press the check mark at the top of the page.

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet

All screenshots will be saved to your Gallery under a Screenshots folder.

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet

Update: After the ICS update for this device, the process for taking a screenshot has changed. The button has been removed. Now you will have to Power and Volume Down at the same time.



  1. Anne says

    The power and volume did not work for me, but the front center button and power button combo worked

  2. Karen Stevens says

    WHY WHY WHY have they done this update!! The screenshot button was OBVIOUSLY important to everyone who loves their tablet, like me.
    Please listen and revert back. Power/VOLUME COMBO is not brill.

  3. Desy says

    Power and Volume Down at the same time doesn’t work for me. What I am doing wrong?
    Please help me!!!

  4. Dharmesh says

    The screenshot quality is not good, especially for the text displays, when i try to refer a screenshot taking with Power+Volume Down, it doesnt show up clear fonts when zoomed, any solution for this?

  5. frankie G says

    The update has made me despise my tablet. It was great the way it was. I want my screenshot button back.How do i get that screenshot button back?

  6. Jandough says

    Who approved this garbage update? Did anyone test it? What ever happened to quality control? Please remove the entire update and fire everyone involved as it is pure trash.

  7. Kali says

    The update is stupid the screenshot button is gone and how do you do it now it has turned out like iPhone ios7 update common samsung you can do better.

  8. jim says

    Those of you that say “Try settings, quick launch…ect” are working with a different device. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. No “quick launch” can be found.

  9. Paris says

    I also do not like the missing screenshot button and I would like it to be placed back…I was not included in the poll when Samsung was actually asking the opinion of Samsung Galaxy users if they needed or even wanted a update. My mother also has a device and is equally upset. Please fix the issue, i would think these comment, and complaints would bring some concern to the IT dept. I mean damn it man. Change it back Please and Thanks.

  10. Catherine says

    I HATE this new “update.” What kind of update actually makes your device less friendly?? This is aweful! It’s making me reconsider the Samsung Tablet altogether. If anyone knows how to put the Screenshot icon back on the bottom, please let me know! It also lost all my Homescreen bookmarks and messed up my layout on the screen that I just got used to! PLEASE CHANGE THIS BACK!!!

  11. emma bolen says

    I do not like the update at all. It stinks really bad. I hatethe color sceem and how the screen shot button is gone. Please fix or add a new update with a different everything.

  12. Samsung fan says

    I am so upset. I have the Android 4.2.2 OS and I can’t take screenshots. I tried going to display but there is no quick launch option. So I will have to try this power and volume button crap to capture screenshots. Ugh!!!!! Help!!!!!!

  13. Michele says

    I’m glad I stumbled onto this page. Ive been trying to figure out how to screenshot.
    Press power button & lower volume button at the same time

    whew! That is much worse than the convenient button we had before the update.

  14. Jenni says

    The volume down and Power doesn’t work for me at all. What the heck!!! Why remove a perfectly awesome button!!!!! How am I suppose to screenshot now!!!!!! Grrrrrr I’m sooooooo upset!!!!!!!

  15. Caryn Morphis says

    I do not like the new up date. I dont like the screen shot button is gone. The volume down/power wont work for me. I dont like the way the apps lay out now. I had everything setup the way I wanted. Now im having to go back throught and reset everything. NOT HAPPY!!!!

  16. lr says

    Not happy about the update and losing the function of the screenshits button. Using the power button and volume button together is so annoying!!! Updates always seem to mess the good functions up and never add any back!!!

  17. Jason says

    I wouldn’t even have imagined that removing the screenshot icon from the screen would be something the most ignorant programmer would even consider. Let alone, the brass allowing this to happen.what I want to find out now is who do I complain to to get my voice heard? It is quite obvious that there are many many people that want the screenshot button back where it was. Having the volume bar in half of the screen shots that I take, is just unacceptable.why would a beta tester allow this to happen? I am flabbergasted that this made it through and was approved. The level of my disdain cannot be measured at this point.

  18. Jason says

    SCREENSHOT BUTTON GONE WITH UPDATE!!!! I gave no “screenshot” option in Display, etc either… REALLY PO’D!!!

  19. sweettah says

    Can someone please help me, since after the upgrade whenever I chat with fb messenger the person’s icon stays on my homepage and everyother pages im on. Can someone tell me how to remove them. I hate that shit. Im typing nownand this freaking icon is on the page staring at me now. I feel like i dont have any privacy again.

  20. sweettah says

    I’m sorry I didn’t read the reviews before I agreed to the update. Now I don’t know how to access certain icons on my new screen. Stupeeeeeeees!

  21. karena Steele says

    I feel like crying after losing screenshot button! And what’s the point of all these anyone trying to get the button back for us? FRUSTRATION!! I WANT TO UNDO THESE UPDATES!

  22. sweettah says

    The more I use this tablet the more I realize how much I hate this upgrade. Can you provide instructions to undo the installation? Please help I’m desperate.

  23. sweettah says

    Wtf! The person(s) that designed this upgrade should be fired. Upgrade is suppose to enhance a product no make it worst. Please bring back the freaking screen shot and get it over with. I’m loosing confidence in you Samsung. Don’t give me another reason to get rid of this tablet.

  24. Ali H says

    Just completd the updates, really wish I hadn’t. Like others I’ve lost my screen shot button from the task bar but don’t have the ‘quick start’ function…please help advise how I can get this back.

  25. L Richard says

    I am adding my great disapointment of losing the on screen screenshot button. It was one of the best features for me. I used it alot. Although I am very relieved to find it is still available using the other buttons, it is not as nice as having the button on screen. I haven’t found anything I like about the update and wish I never updated

  26. mary ann says

    Sorry. Go settings then diaplay then quick launch and click screenshot. Mine is back and working again..

  27. mary ann says

    Thought l had lost my screenshot but read it was from an update. Very upset at losing it. Even called geek squad and they couldnt help. BUT try going to settings–quick launch and click on screenshot. Working for me. Really missed it.

  28. noonoo says

    I hate this new update.., at first when I used to take a screen shot I was able to crop and edit where I wanted to in a single moment now its all gone…plus it has become more suitable for right handers since the back button is on the right now

  29. alice says

    On my Galaxy Tab 2 (in Dutch language) the screenshot ‘button’ came back after choosing for this specific multifunctional button in:
    Settings/Display/Quick start/Multifunctional buttons.
    You have 5 options to choose your fourth button on your tablet:
    1 none
    2 screenshot
    3 applications
    4 search
    5 camera

    I certainly hope it will work for you all.

  30. Bryan says

    Just updated my samsung galaxy tab and I lost my screenshot button.
    Hey Samsung I want my screenshot button back , I use it a lotwhen travelling.

  31. Helen Darling says

    Thanks for telling me about the button change. But I em not happy I wont the button back, backwards technology.

  32. Fleur says

    Thank you so much for the sharing… it really helps… I got frustrated because of the disappearance of screenshot shortcut after I updated my tab…

  33. cheryl wade says

    First it worked holding the two buttons, now it doesn’t
    Every blasted time the run an upgrade everything gets moved and I used screenshot a lot thanks

  34. manyalang says

    This is old technique using…how can upgrade can be like this…something wrong about this maker software…

  35. Sam says

    I have the same problem, i could screen shoot once with holding two button, n this magic gone recently, too bad

  36. Marisa says

    Update was pointless in my opinion. It took away the screenshot button on the main menu and now I have extra apps I don’t need taking up space. Very disappointing.

  37. whitneysr05 says

    I really hate that they did this… I don’t see the need for the upgrade yet anyway…. Why change something that was so accessable?

  38. jayden simmons says

    i think that this is really stupid y would they change it it was sooooooooooooooooooooo easy like wtf

  39. Days says

    I disliked the update too, but thanks to Hyemin comments I AM ABLE TO TAKE SCREENSHOTS again. Press the power button AND down volume button at the same time for a couple of seconds and I will take the screenshot. Not as easy as it once was though

  40. Shari Atukorala says

    @amanda ortiz thank you for telling how to do it, I just did it the way you said, but I still would have preferred it to have been kept like the earlier one, cos it was much easier.

  41. Shari Atukorala says

    Had I known that they were going to do away with the screen shot at the bottom of the tablet I would not have upgraded at all, it was so easy and cool to take a screen shot this way, now I can’t do it at all and it is a complicating mess, pl. give back the earlier screen shot at the bottom.

  42. amanda ortiz says

    Hi guys! I figured it out. On the right hand side of the tablet, press the power button and the down button (for the volume) at the same time and at the top of the tablet screen it should say “saving screenshot”. Hope this helps!

  43. patti bauer says

    Hate this update. I didn’t ask for it nor do I want it. Screenshot button is gone and I want it back. If I would have known you were going to do this I would not have purchased this tablet.

  44. DC Moore says

    Bring my snapshot button BACK. I didn’t ask for this change and demand my functionality be restored. I paid for this feature and want it back…

  45. rawr says

    I hate the new update! It was so simple with the screenshot button! Don’t understand the need to complicate it.

  46. Dixie Boster says

    Please change it back. I really don’t need to see my volume bar in my pictures.

  47. patricia woods says

    Please change the screenshot back. I hate the update! Had I known, would not have updated. May never again.

  48. Sherri McNeel says

    Removing the screenshot button was a horrible idea…it was so much more convenient before!!!

  49. chichay says

    The power + volume down buttons pressed at the same time didn’t wirk fir me :( please change it back to the old way to make a screen shot

  50. cindy says

    Thank you for your help here. After the update I had no idea how to do a screen capture. Why would they change something so simple? How does that help? I really hope it gets changed back with the next update.

  51. Tionyo says

    I really dont like the change made for the screen shot. I think it should be changed back also. It s too much of a hassle to do now.

  52. not happy says

    Please change it back, this new way is to hard!!! It was sooo much better the other way!

  53. claire salman says

    Thank you so much this is exactly what I needed. I didnt understand hoe to do the screenshot without the new update without the button, this was very helpful thankyou!! Great pictures and demostrations!!

  54. faraz says

    You can still take screenshots. Press and hold power button and volume down button at the same time.

  55. Nikk Doe!! says

    Smh…!! Why would you remove such a simple step for a huge feature??? Who would wanna press two buttons instead of one simple one on the screen?? Change it back!!!

  56. Liz says

    can’t get used to this new update. Loved it how it was when I first got my tablet, now not so much.

  57. ML Storey says


    I am new to the Galazy Tab 2 7″ and th escreenshot icon was a selling feature. Now , it is awkward to push the two butons and unless you hit them just right it doesn’t work. I am traveling and that feature was a big deal. So, I am unhappy and would like that feature back asap.
    Thank you.

  58. lana says

    I want the sceen shot back. I hate it now.
    I try the power + volume down, it just turn the power off.
    How can I undo reset, help?
    It is no help with update, don’t do it.

  59. matthew hunter says

    The update has made me despise my tablet. It was great the way it was. I want my screenshot button back.

  60. karla says

    Why???! Please put the screenshot button back! N fix the buttons..they feel all weird and reversed! :O

  61. metalmorphasis says

    I wish I could say I miss it but I never had it. Still, it looked like a great piece of functionality. In any case,maybe future updates and or hacks will bring it back? We can only hope.

  62. nat says

    hate this update too. i need screenshot button back! i used power button with volumn down button to take snapshot, it worked sometimes but most of the time, it would mistakenly go restart the sysyem. such a waist of my time, such a stupid upgrade, really pissed me off!!

  63. sheila says

    Removing the screen shot button was a bad idea, please do another update and add it back, it was easier. Holding the power and volume doesn’t work for me.

  64. dominique says

    Im really annoyed with the new way the screenshot was updated. I hope u change it back to the button, it was one of my favorite features because it was so convient to use. I cant say the same that anymore.

  65. Lauren says

    Because of the update, you now have to press the power button and volume down at the same time AND HOLD IT that seems to be the most common error is just pressing it, you have to hold it until it saves.

  66. mike says

    After the update the button is gone and i cannot find it anywhere in the options. Is this a ploy to make you buy a screen shot app?? Put it back!!

  67. Lauryn Cook says

    I tried doing the step and it’s not working I have a button that first the button disappeared when I updated my tablet now I can’t see it or not fair and I don’t know how to take screenshots now I really am concerned and want some help thank you

  68. breanna says

    I really liked the screenshot on my tab u guys need to update it an place the screencapture button back

  69. Butthole Surfer says

    I need it too. This upgrade ruined that capability. I am not sure how to complain or get support. I can’t even figure out how to get my screenname changed. I sabotage myself.

  70. choo says

    That was so stupid of them to remove the screen shot. I tried to hold volume and power button at the same time and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t….the upgrade was a downgrade :-[

  71. Christina says

    I updated my Tablet as well and Screenshot icon is gone :( All you have to do is use your left finger to hold the POWER button and the right finger hold the down Volume button at the SAME TIME

  72. vanessa says

    The screenshot button has been removed with this newest update. I hate it! I use my screenshot constantly. I am VERY unhappy with this update!

  73. gwen says

    I upgraded my android OS to jelly bean. I’m using a galaxy tab 2. So frustrating that it doesn’t have the screenshot button anymore. I’ve tried doing a power and volume down combi but it won’t work. Tried the back button and power button combi as well , but still won’t do. How do i get that screenshot button back?

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