Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: How to Restart Locked Tablet (Soft Reset)

Every now and then, your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 might lock up and become unresponsive. These devices aren’t perfect after all, and are prone to lock up from time to time.

If you just need to force the tablet to restart (also known as a soft reset), then do the following:

To force the tablet to restart, simply hold the power button down for around ten seconds or more. This will force the tablet to shut down, allowing you to power it back up again.

If this doesn’t work and you’re still having issues with your tablet locking up, then you may need to perform a hard reset on the device.

This process should work for both the 7 inch model (version 7.0) and the ten inch model (version 10.1) of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.


  1. Grace says

    I turned off the wi-fi on my Galaxy s2 tablet & now it’s asking for the password & I don’t remember it at all.

  2. Sue bishop says

    Hi I turned off the wifi on my galaxy tablet. Now it wants my password which I have totally forgotton. Is there anything I can do to get back into it?

  3. Danielle says

    Thank You for this it helped me soo much. I had my tablet on and it shut off and wouldn’t respond. I tried charging thinking the battery was low and nothing would show on the screen showing it charging. I thought someone broke my device and became very upset. Then i stumbled upon this on Google and i decided to try it and my tablet turned on and was runninv normal again.. Thank You so much this made my day!!

  4. salvatore zambito says

    I have a tablet that I cannot restart I go to settings and it complicates matters even more by telling me you have this or that which really I never did except open an close options

  5. Erika says

    Hi TechniPages,
    I need have a Samsung Tablet GT-P5113 and for months now I keep having trouble with my firmware update, it just does not do it. I even emailed customer support and tried to follow their steps with Kies, but it won’t update anything, how can I fix this so my table is up to date with updates?

  6. Sipho Mabyalane says

    I was using another SIM on my samsung galaxy tab 2 7″ and it rang an alarm and later become blocked because it has prey installed. How do I unblock the gadget?

  7. christine says

    Hi,i need advice both my tab GT-P3100. There was this apps. Or keep on popping on my tab about reboot and the choices that i can remember was later and yes i guess. 1 time, I unluckily i pressed the yes for rebooting. It suddenly appeared like running for that percentage until it turned off. So i tried charging but it never turned on or even a charging sign. Up to now, it is totally off. Please help, what shall I do? thanks.

  8. Kimberly Clark says

    Try holding both the power button and up and down volume buttons all at the same time for like 10 seconds while the device is plugged in. The charging screen should show the battery graduating in charge from right to left all the way to a full battery. If it only goes half way hold in the power button while you unplug it. Press the power and both the up and down volume buttons while plugging in the power. When the charging indicator appears on screen, let go of all buttons and see if it shows the charging indicator progress all the way through the battery from right to left. Hope this works for you. It worked for me.

  9. David says

    Samsung Galaxytab s2 soft or hard reset didn’t work
    98% sure it is boot os scrambled,
    It happened when it installing a samsung software and think it was os update. I said go ahead and do it just as I realized power was too low. I think it was rebooting just as I got it plugged into charger, now all I get is the charging screen and never get a fully charged screen or power up. Any Ideas? I miss it so much.

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