Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: How to Hard and Soft Reset

If you’re experiencing problems with your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, you may want to try to soft or hard reset the device using these methods.

Soft Reset

If the device is frozen or unresponsive, try pressing and holding the Power button for about 10 seconds. This should force the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to restart normally.


Hard Reset

A hard reset will set the device back to factory default settings and erase all data on the device. This is normally done when troubleshooting methods prove to be fruitless.

1. From the Home screen, select Apps in the upper-right corner.

2. Choose Settings.

3. Select Privacy.

4. Select Factory data reset.

5. Select Reset tablet.

6. Select Erase everything.


Access Recovery Screen at Boot

You can access soft and hard reset options from the Recovery Screen before you boot into Android. Just hold down the Volume Down button while turning the Galaxy Tab on. Hold it down until you see the menu. Thanks to Peter for this tip.


  1. Siddhartha Dutta says

    M using tab p7500 i dropped it from my hand and the screen gone black..couldn’t fix it out..pls help me..

  2. Bree says

    PLEASE HELP!!! My tablet worked fine an hour ago, the alarm went off I turned the alarm off, and now all I have is a black screen… I have tried everything mentioned above several times!! I have it plugged into the charger (original one that came with it) right now, and it doesn’t show a battery or any indication at all that it is charging… I have tried the soft and hard resets, I have also tried to plug it into my home computer, and my computer doesn’t recognize it. (using USB cord) I don’t know what else to do, I got this as a gift, and don’t have receipt and neither does the person who gave it to me, So SAMSUNG won’t help me either!!! Someone please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sylvia says

    Help. I was using my tablet when it suddenly froze. Couldn’t shut down so left it for a couple of hours when the screen went blank. Will not not open. If I plug into the mains the battery comes on and then an exclamation mark. Have tried all the suggestions above but they do not work.

  4. Becca says

    Thanks for the reset information. I shut off my tablet to put it on charge. When I checked it the next morning, it was black screen, would not boot up. I followed the soft reset and it came up. Interestingly though, it had not charged through the nite. So far, all is well. Thanks! I’ll remember this site!

  5. Rose says

    I have a big problem! I have done the resetting and then
    did the rebooting but my screen says”ERROR” and then shuts off completely?. Can anyone help me?

  6. Han says

    Hi I have little problem that is tab p7510
    after I drop it once and the batter meter is not showing right.
    always showing full when it is not,
    after charge it still showing charging even I disconnected.

    lately I am having hard to start, and won’t do nothing..
    Is it the battery that I should replace ?

    thank you in advance.

  7. Terry Gustavson says

    Have a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1
    How do I get rid of those small scrolling letters in the upper right hand corner of my screen? They are driving me crazy

  8. Glenn Galing says

    I bought 2wks ago my samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1.and the problem is its freezing every 4 seconds.i had tried to reboot it and close for about 10 hours.. after that i opened it and i had charge and used it and its still freezing..what shall i do?…

  9. Allan Heaney says

    You saved me from fate worst than death…tablet locked up and your advice fixed it with a soft boot….thank you very very very very much.

  10. conrad says


  11. Amy Still says

    Thank you for the tips on how to soft reset. It worked perfectly & haven’t had a problem since :)

  12. GlaxayTabCustomer says

    my Tablet is in perfect condition with a HD screen protecter and a hard/soft rubber outer shell and it has never been dropped or collected moisture or got wet.. I was downloading an update for the play store and in the middle of the update the screen just went to sleep and went black. the Device cannot Turn on nor can it turn off, this has just happend to me last night. I have tried all the trouble shooting proccess suggested, but non work. the only last option which i want to save for last resort is sending it in for repairs. but they said it will take a few days to get there and a week for the repair and few days to get back. but since I am from Hawaii I know it will take much longer. and I have some work files on that tablet also..

  13. ed says

    Try pressing and holding the Power button for about 10 seconds. You will see a battery with a yellow color filling it up movement in it, then I press the volume button and I got my Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 restarted and everything else was ok.

  14. bill says

    my tablet gets below 70% it cuts off and wont charge. i had a store reset it everytime by taking off the back and unplugging a multi colored wire harness. then it charges. its the only way to get it to charge once its under 70%.

  15. bobzy6 says

    I was using my tab lastnight and it just froze and wouldnt let me do anything so i pressed the off button and now i cant seem to switch it on all im getting is a blank black screen. Can anyone help and put my mind to rest please

  16. Lena says

    HI, i have a problem: the display is off but i was sending messages and the tablet is vibrating as he receives the message. I think the display is damaged or something but i need another opinion. Thanks

  17. Harriette says

    I use WiFi to connect a second computer at home to the internet — no problem. I can not access that WiFi from my tablet. (The tablet accesses other networks away from home)
    Please help!

  18. Sue says

    I just have a black screen and everything suggested here does not work. Any more suggestions please?

  19. Sheehan Tiffany says

    OMG THIS IS SO HELPFUL FOR GALAXY 2.0 :((((( I thought I broke mine!! :(( Thank you so much!!!! :)

  20. ye tun says

    I have samsung galaxy tab 10.1.I have used it four
    month ago.Now there have a problem that is when
    Power is turn on,there have only andriod logo appears
    on the screen and other function does not work.
    I would like to know how to solve it.

  21. kris says

    tablet froze up and turned completely off, will not turn back on – just did the on and volume button and got downloading – do not turn off target? never froze up before

  22. Tony says

    Thanks. Thought I had killed my Galaxy Tab 10.1 when I connected to the HDTV adapter. Just out of warranty too. Did the soft reset and all OK.

  23. aardroid says

    Thanks. The soft reset did the trick and I avoided the clean sweep. Took a few sites to find this out.

  24. Juan says


    I had some troubles with my Galaxy Tab (10.1)…then I followed the steps as described above. Now my question is…will the Tablet keep at least the internet search engine (app) and the basic ones as the Microsoft Office?
    If not…how can I get them back?

    Thank you

  25. peggy says

    samsung tab 10.1 when it is fully charged, does it cut off automatically so it dont OVERCHARGE

  26. safeeya says

    I have a galaxy tab 10.1 and it ran out of battery so my mom charged it overnight. when we tried to open it in the morning it’s not turning on i red a tip from a different website to turn it on while touching the screen and it turned on then immediately put it in the charger and its not charging connect it to a laptop and it works fine but since the battery is drained it turn off again and now I cannot turn it on anymore maybe because the battery drains so do you think its a problem with my adapter? but the adapter works fine before my cousin borrowed it to charge his Samsung galaxy sII?

  27. naheem says

    If screen is not turning on and not indicating battery charging,try pressing the power key and touching the screen for about 30 seconds

  28. twistedsan says

    Hi Guys
    i did a factory reset on galaxy tab 10.1. will that erase all my pictures from the gallery as well. i mean from the SD card as well.

  29. Liza says

    Hi there,

    My samsung galaxy tab works perfectly however, the internet has stopped working suddenly and i dont know what to do. It keeps telling me to type the password for the internet source, therefore i wrote the password in the box.
    The internet still does not connect. To make sure that the internet works i have gone on my laptop and it has a full strong internet connection…. CAN ANYONE HELP? Thank you, any suggestions appreciated :)

  30. Alex says

    My tablet resets when I want to put data on it , eg films and music.
    it starts to transfer and the turns itself off !!?

    Anyone got am idea why i have this problem??

  31. Connie says

    My Tablet is stuck on 2 screens and a triangle inbetween with Firmware Upgrade encountered an issue and asks me to select recovery mode in Kies. I don’t know where to find the code and the “Hard resets” are not working. Can anybody help, PLEASE?

  32. Jeff says

    These methods might work for the majority of users here, but I’m one of the few who have tried the recovery method several times and got the notorious black screen of death. I select the android-box option and the screen just goes to black. The power button is supposed to help get you to the list recovery options, but it’s not working (and, no, the volume buttons are working either).


  33. suz says

    my tab is frozen on the lock page it wont let me slide the lock or do anything any suggestions ??

  34. Russell says

    Hi Charlie,
    I actually emailed Market tech support about this and this is directly from the email they sent back, cause I’m also having the same issue and still have not been able to resolve it. I looked it up on the internet and most people are having the same problem with there Market…Hopefully a fix will come soon…

    “Hi there,

    Thanks for contacting us – it sounds like you’re experiencing a persistent message saying that your client is out of date. If you haven’t done so already, please try signing in and out of Google Talk and rebooting the device first to resolve the issue. If these steps prove unsuccessful, know that we’re currently investigating this issue, and I’ll get back to you as soon as we have any additional information.

    If you need an immediate solution, performing a factory data reset on the device should resolve the problem; however, if you’d prefer not to completely reset your device to factory settings at this time, again, I’ll let you know as soon as I have any updates. We’re working hard toward a resolution – thanks for your patience.”

  35. Charlie says

    every time I try to go to Market is says my Client is out of date But it does not update
    What do I do

  36. courtney says

    My tab is frozen on “Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ Screen. I’ve done restarts and resets but nothing is working. It turns off and comes right back on to the same screen without doing anything else. I’ve never had problems before. Its been stuck like this for an hour now.

  37. safana says

    I tried this but i got a screen that shows two pictures on of a white box and an arrow coming out of it and next to it a small figure of the green android the other picture is for a big Android figure and the word downloading written under it!

  38. Andrew says

    After updating firmware on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 it refuses to connect to internet. It finds hot spots OK but sticks on “obtaining IP address from…”. Help!!

  39. tpatterson says

    I lock my tablet with a password that I forgot so I’m trying to hard rest but its not doing what to do how long do I hold it down

  40. Peter says

    My Galaxy Tab 10.1 was really crashed. The soft reset didn’t work, all I got was the text : “Galaxy tab 10.1″ on the screen for a long time.

    The trick then is to turn the Galaxy tab on with the On button and the volume “down” button pushed at the same time for 10 seconds or so. There will be a boot menu where you can choose to do a reset. This worked for me.

  41. Maxine says


    My tab has frozen and I have a black screen. I have tried the power button but no luck. Wonder if I can take the back of the and remove the battery to reset? any ideas.

    This is not the first time this has happen, last time, I got a new Tab.
    Suggestion appreciated.

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