Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Cut, Copy, and Paste

Learn how to cut, copy and paste text or photos like a pro from your Samsung Galaxy S5 using these steps.

  1. Navigate to the screen that contains text you would like to copy or cut.
  2. Tap and hold a word until it is highlighted.
    S4 highlight
  3. Drag the bars to highlight the words you wish to cut or copy.
  4. Select the Cut or Copy icon. These options will look different depending on which app you’re using. In this example, we’re using Google Hangouts and will select one of the icons along the top bar.
    S4 Drag Highlight
  5. Navigate to the area you wish to paste the text, then tap and hold the box.
  6. The “Paste” option should appear. Select it, and your text is pasted.
    S4 Paste

You can perform similar actions with images from most apps. Simply tap and hold the image, navigate to where you would like to paste it, then tap and hold to select “Paste“.

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