Samsung Galaxy S4 Won’t Connect to PC

So, your Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t connect to your PC? There are a few common issues people run into when trying to get their S4 to show up as an MTP device. Here are a couple of them.

If you’re using Windows, ensure that you have downloaded and installed the correct drivers properly. Search Samsung’s Support site¬†for your device and make sure you are installing the right drivers for your particular version of the Galaxy phone.

If you have installed drivers that may not be the correct drivers for your device, you’ll want to uninstall them from Control Panel > Programs before installing the correct drivers.

Another reason your PC won’t detect the Galaxy S4 might be the cable. Some users have reported that there just is something different about the cable that’s included with the Galaxy devices. Using a cable from other phones often doesn’t work. This was the problem in my case. The device would get detected by Windows 8, but showed under “Unspecified” section as a “SAMSUNG_Android” device and would never show under the Portable Devices section of Computer. Once I tried the white cable included with the S4, Windows detected it just fine.

Using the wrong cable can cause the Galaxy S4 to install in the "Unspecified" section of Windows.
Using the wrong cable can cause the Galaxy S4 to install in the “Unspecified” section of Windows.

Do you have other problems besides drivers or cables causing your issue? Please share your experience in the comments section.


  1. Dave says

    None of the above works. I’ve tried it all, using Windows 8.1 and now 10. With and without Samsung’s KIES3 program. My S4, Android 4.3 just is not recognized by the OS.

    It IS recognized in the Device Manager, but is not acknowledged anywhere else.

    I’m never buying another Samsung product.

  2. illya clarke says

    I was using the right lead but it was showing incorrectly on device manager.

    I uninstalled S4 drivers and scanned for hardware changes.

    Bingo working again.

  3. shuja zaka khan says

    Your above solution didn’t work for me. Still my device is not detected as MTP. Any suggestion ?

  4. Aleksandar says

    Thank you @HIDAYAT !!!! You saved my life !!! I tried everything until I saw your post ! It solved my problem !!!

  5. sadie says

    ive tried everything but my phone still wont connect to my pc it says the drivers are all up to date and ready to use but it still wont work.

  6. Janis Clarke says

    My PC was recognizing my S4 but now when I plug it in, although I hear the computer’s audible signal, the Windows Icon doesn’t appear asking my what to do AND I can’t find the device when I look at My Computer. The phone acknowledges that connected to the PC and states that it is connected as a camera and offers other US options: MTP or PTP. Nothing seems to help. I want to transfer the photos from the phone to files on my PC. Can anyone help please? Thanks, Janis

  7. Hidayat says

    I just found the problem solution. You need to go to Device Manager, or click RUN or “Windows+R” and type “devmgmt.msc” and click OK.. Then you will find the “SAMSUNG_Android” with (!) yellow logo. What you need to do is uninstall the device. Then refresh the Device Manager by click the “Scan for hardware changes” button. Walla!! The device will be reinstalled automatically and you can use The MTP file transfer. Good Luck!

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