Samsung Galaxy S4: Save Photo From MMS Text Message

If your friend sends you a photo in an MMS text message and you wish to save it to your Samsung Galaxy S4, you can get it done with these steps.

1. Open the message thread that contains the photo from the Messaging app.

2. Tap and hold the image until a menu appears.

S4 Tap and hold image

3. Select Save attachment.

S4 Save attachment option

4. Check the box next to the attachment(s) you wish to save, then tap Save.

S4 Check and save attachment

The photo is now saved to a folder called Download and is viewable from the Gallery app.


  1. Gracey says

    I’m having same probs as Martin and Lister. I have a galaxy s4 I’m trying to save photos on from mms msgs.

  2. Bill Herald says

    Same issue as Cindy Lister. I send photos to my friend and there are no identifying image numbers. I comes up each time as image.jpg. No specific photo identification.

  3. Cindy Lister says

    This does not work with my friends s4 phone. It will not allow him to save his pictures to download. It only allows him to save 1 .When he does another it replaces the other one. Please help.

  4. martyn says

    followed your directions
    the options i get when i hold down on mms pic are only 3
    view slideshow
    what now ? :)

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