Samsung Galaxy S4: Insert/Remove SIM Card

You can insert or remove the SIM card in the Samsung Galaxy S4 by removing the rear battery cover. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to prevent you from breaking anything.

1. Lay the phone face down on a flat surface.

2. Find the notch in the rear cover located near the top-right side of the phone.

S4 Cover Notch

3. Use your finger or nail to peel the back cover off.

4. Remove the battery using the notch at the bottom of the compartment.

S4 Remove Battery

5. Locate the SIM card slot toward the top right portion of the device.

S4 SIM Card

6. To remove the SIM card, gently push the card into the slot until it clicks and ejects. To insert a SIM card, push it into the slot with the gold contacts facing down until it clicks into place.

S4 SIM Card ejected

You’re done! You’ve¬†successfully¬†learned how to insert or remove a SIM Card in the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.


  1. Nicole D says

    Will removing the sim card on my Galaxy s4 help me since I truly forgot my pin/passcode and I can’t unlock it? I tried several times (20+) and there was no google play screen or anything. Please help! Thanks.

  2. Mohammad Masud Rana says

    It became really helpful to me.Thanks for giving instruction properly.My samsung galaxy s4 is purchased from Korea bt I will use it in Bangladesh.So how can I promote my phone?As all the configurations are given according to Korea.Please help me by sending a e-mail including all instructions what must need to require in my phone.Thank u.

  3. KMB says

    thanks for easy and simple tutorial! I was almost scared that I will have to break a nail or SIM card in order to get it out.. LOL

  4. Naomi says

    Awesome. I’d have never thought that it clicks in like that. Thanks. Easy guide to follow though the notch in the back panel I found on the left side of my phone when’s face down. Just above the power button. Otherwise Great work!!!

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