Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Enable or Disable Driving Mode

Driving Mode can be used to read text messages aloud, call contacts or use navigation features “hands free” with just the sound of your voice. You can enable or disable this feature with these steps.

1. From the Home screen, select Apps > S Voice.

S Voice icon

2. The first time the app runs, it will introduce you to the features you can use in Driving Mode. You can access the settings by pressing the Menu button. From there you can select Set driving mode on or off as desired.

S4 Driving Mode setting from menu

For a second option, you can select Menu > Settings to shut Driving mode off as well as access additional settings.

Driving Mode setting from settings

For a third option, you can quickly access the Driving Mode setting from the notification area. Just swipe down the bar, then swipe over to the Driving Mode selection. The steering wheel icon is lit up when turned on, and grayed when off.

S4 Driving mode option from notification area


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