Samsung Galaxy S3: Transfer Music Files From PC

Learn how to transfer music files to the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone and enjoy listening to your music wherever you go. The device will support any non-DRM AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, MP3, WMA, 3GP, MP4, and M4A music files.  There are several ways you can transfer music to your device. Pick the best solution that works for you.

Windows users should first download and install the USB drivers for the Galaxy S3. Mac users are not required to install any software for removable disk transfers.

Via removable disk

1. Connect the Galaxy S3 to your PC, then select Connected as media Device > Media device (MTP).

2. A removable disk will mount to your computer. You will see it listed under Computer if you’re a Windows user, or on the Desktop if you’re a Mac user.

3. Drag and drop any music files over to the removable disk. You may want to create a folder named “Music” within the removable disk first for organizational purposes.

Drag music file to folder on removable disk

If you keep your music library within iTunes, you can drag and drop files directly from the iTunes window over to the Galaxy S3 removable disk.

Drag iTunes

Windows Media Player users can select the Sync tab and drag music over to the sync list. Selecting Start sync will automatically copy music in the list to the device.

WMP Music Sync


Via Samsung Kies

You may also use the Samsung Kies software to manage files on the Galaxy S3. Kies is a file syncing environment that is made specifically for Samsung devices to easily transfer your music, videos and pictures. You can download and install the Kies software from the Samsung website. Once the Kies software is installed, it will automatically start whenever you connect the phone to your computer and is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

Once your music files have transferred to the Galaxy S3, tap Disconnect storage from PC on the device. Also be sure to properly eject the device from your computer properly by right-clicking on the removable disk and selecting Eject.

You’re now ready to use the Music app to listen to your favorite tunes while on the go.


  1. Tricia says

    This worked for me, after some frustrating attempts made from the suggestions on other sites. Two things: the first USB cord I used, while strong enough to charge my phone, wasn’t even picked up on my PC. I found the one original to my S3 and that did the trick. Also, I had moved my music library into Windows Media Player. I plugged in the USB, went to the Computer window and saw the phone was listed, and I left that window open. Then I opened the Media Player and following the instructions here, dragged my songs to that icon. It took a little time but worked. Thank you SO MUCH.

  2. Niki says

    when syncing from windows media player it said that it was done and i could unplug my s3….now where did it sync the music too? I can’t seem to find it :(

  3. Trick says

    I tried installing the kies software, but it seemed like I was just going in circles. All I want to be able to do is put music from my computer onto my phone. I’ve read other online advice and got a samsung account, then samsung music, and started music hub. Even then, the samsung music program was not sync-ing with the music hub (after refreshing). Is it because i do not have it connected to any i-cloud type thing?/ what’s going on!

  4. Jane says

    I transfered all my photos and videos from my S3 using Kies and uploaded them to the kies library. Now i’m in the library section and there are thumbnails of my pics but when I try to open the file, it says “Original file for the selected item not found. Find and reselect the file” b ut it still shows a thmbsnail of the photo? Please help…..

  5. McIliion says

    Neither Kies nor my PC detect the phone. Also, my S3 is prompting me to install Windows Media Player 10 and Kies, but I have them already

  6. Michael says

    Kies problem? I finally got it to work unplugged phone from USB, closed program screen the web address to your computer on the computer. Then I plugged USB back into phone and went to Kies on phone it found my computer, had to allow access from my computer to let files transfer. And also ‘allow’ my computer access to see mobile devices. You may need to allow access through firewalls also.

  7. dan says

    Can’t get Kies to see my phone. Troubleshooting Kies is worthless. PC can’t see phone, either. Samsung Galaxy S3.
    Best solution may be to go back to S2.

  8. Michelle says

    Neither dragging and dropping nor Kies is working for me. The guy at the store also told me that I could drop and drag music from itunes to my phone, but it is not working at all for me. I also do not find Kies easy to use. I just want to drop and drag as I have in the past with my other phones, but it is turning in to a miserable experience. So far I’m not loving the ease of use of this phone.

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