Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Download and Install Apps

Start downloading and installing apps on your Samsung Galaxy S3 and enjoy everything the device is capable of. Thousands of apps are just a few taps away.

There are many ways you can download and install apps on the Galaxy G3. The most popular option is using Google Play (Formerly known as Android Market). You can start using Google Play to download apps by using the following steps:

1. From the Home screen, select Apps > Play Store.

Google Play Store icon

2. Search for an app by using the magnifying glass icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, or swipe between the menus at the top of the screen such as Categories, Featured, Top Paid and Top Free.

Google Play Apps screen

3. Once you find an app you wish to download, select it, and then select the blue button in the upper-right corner of the screen. If the app has a price, it will be displayed on the button. If the app is free, it will simply say Install. If it’s your first time purchasing from Google Play, you will need to enter your personal billing information.

App install button in Google Play

4. Review the permissions the app requires, then select Accept & download to install the app.

5. Once the app is downloaded, you should see it as an option on by tapping Apps from the home screen.

Amazon also has their own app store for Android apps. You can download the app from the Amazon website, and start using it to download apps.

Apps also can be obtained in the form of APK files. You can enable the ability to install APK files on your Galaxy S3 by going to Settings > Security and selecting Unknown sources. You have to be careful when downloading individual APK files as they may contain viruses. Be absolutely sure you trust the source of the file if you wish to use this method.

We’ve covered just a few of the many ways to download and install apps on your Samsung Galaxy S3. Since Android is so open, there are endless options. Happy downloading!


  1. debra dickerson says

    I am trying to install an app on my phone. When I push the install button nothing happens. what can I do to fix this?

  2. arun says

    Hi….. i have the same problem like the first guy… i download apps from play store and installed but its not available in my home screen and apps and not showing as an icon or option. Its available in notifications and in application manager… what can i do… please reply……..

  3. jess says

    Hi there , i got a problem with my s3 , i download apps but don’t open or show up on the home screen but are available at the application manager or my apps in google store !

  4. kim says

    I can’t dowload apps in my samsung galaxy s3, it just keep on running without opening apps. I need your assistance.

  5. Adam says

    I just bought a new galaxy 3, and when I try to download an app it will just say “downloading” for over and hour even with wifi connection, help please

  6. Cheryl Clarke says

    I once had tango on my samsung galaxy s3 but now I cant seem to bring it back up, can you help me please?

  7. syeda sumera says

    Hi there,I have problem to download in samsung galaxy shows downloaded or installed but when I tap to open it disappears.i even backup and restored many times does not works.please me. I.m very upset this is my new phone.thanks….

  8. gasim says

    when I opened app store in my phone galaxy s3 , the only blank page appear, please let me know how can l get the applications again

  9. loriku says

    I have the same question like the first guy its says not available in your country please help me as soon as you can.

  10. bedri says

    I cannot download some apps on my Samsung galaxy SIII , it says not available in your country ! How to install Tango free video calls for example ?

  11. Chuck says

    Thanks for this. I couldn’t figure it out at all since I was looking for the Android Market app. I guess things have changed since I last had an Android.

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