Samsung Galaxy S3: Disable S Voice

You can disable the S Voice feature on your Samsung Galaxy S3 if you don’t really care for the feature. Many users accidentally activate it by double-tapping the Home key and would like to prevent it from launching. You can turn it off with these steps.

1. In the application list, tap the S Voice icon or double-tap the Home button.

2. Tap the Menu button located in the lower-left area of the phone, below the screen. A Settings option should appear. Select it.

3. Uncheck the Launch S-Voice option.

Disable S Voice option

The S Voice feature is now disabled and will no longer launch when you double-tap the Home button.


  1. Finn Bjerke says

    Works like a charm on new android but not on older version it seems.. Thank you man this thing was driving me nuts

  2. ryan says

    even though i did that, it worked for a while, but now it will turn on itself, and the hand free mode is keep turn on by the s voice, it drive me nuts, and i turn off, it turn back on again, and had this bee bing sunds. who can tell me how to turn off …?

  3. Carter hicks says

    My s3 won’t give me the option to stop s-voice it just asks me if I want to auto fill a browser what should I do?

  4. Jess G. says

    “Don Emerson” way is great. Because even if you “kill” S Voice feom applocation manager since is on driving mode it still will give you or “speak up”

    So turn off Driving Mode will do. And if accidentally pressed S Voice, go to application manager and force it to stop.

    Hope it works.

  5. Don Emerson says

    for “mine is shut off and galaxy speaks the senders name and text” try:

    Language and Input
    Text-to-speech output
    turn OFF Driving Mode

    Hope this helps! – Don

  6. deb says


    mine is shut off and galaxy speaks the senders name and text.sorry, i cant help u. someone needs to tell us how to shut galaxy up.

  7. lydia says

    hi there,
    kindly appreciate if you could assist me. My samsung S3 has started to read all text in browser. its kinda annoying..

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