Samsung Galaxy S3: Disable Camera Shutter Sound

If you’re using your Samsung Galaxy S3 to quietly take a photo, the camera shutter sound makes things a bit more difficult. You may want to silence the shutter if you’re taking a picture of a sleeping pet or quiet events like a wedding reception. Fortunately, you can disable the shutter sound on the device with these easy steps.

On most carriers, you can perform these steps.

1. Open the Camera app.

2. Tap Settings gear on the lower-left side of the screen.

3. Tap Shutter sound to set it On or Off as desired.

One some carriers, the camera shutter sound is controlled by the overall Android sound setting. You can turn the sound off by putting the phone in “Silent Mode”. You can do this one of three ways.

  • Press and hold the Power button until a menu appears, then select Silent mode.
  • Open Settings, then select sound. Check the Silent mode box to disable all sound.
  • Use the Volume Down button to turn the ringer volume all the way down to the vibrate or no sound setting.

Of course, don’t forget to enable the sound on your Galaxy S3 once you’re done taking photos.

Note: The ability to disable the shutter sound seems to only be available on the AT&T and T-Mobile versions of this phone. A few workarounds exist for users on other carriers. You can root the device and install a camera silencing app, or record a video and take still photos while the video is recording.


  1. syd says

    Sprint doesn’t allow you to turn off the shutter sound as part of their policy to prevent you from taking pictures of people without their permission… not sure how I feel about this

  2. jm says

    The quickest way I’ve found to muting the shutter sound is putility the phone in video mode. Start recording. And take pics while the video is recording. Doesn’t make a sound. Then delete the video once you’re done

  3. Dizo says

    I’ve tried everything on my Sprint Galaxy S3 to no avail. However, a friend of mine downloaded a free app from the Google Play store call “Mute”. This app worked on his Verizon version of the Galaxy S3, but did not work on my Sprint version. So this may help some out, but it wont help if you’re on the Sprint phone. I compared my phone to his and it appears the Sprint phone is running a newer kernel and a different rom. This is a simple software tweak that should be applied to all phones and I hope they allow muting the camera shutter sound down the road in future software updates.

  4. Jack says

    Those 3 steps do not work, at least for the Sprint version. There is no mute for the shutter sound for both the camera and video.

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