Samsung Galaxy S: Save Photo From MMS Text Message

Save a photo that was sent to your Samsung Galaxy S smartphone via MMS text message.

1. Open the Messaging app.

2. Open the thread of messages that contain the photo.

3. Tap and hold the photo for a couple of seconds.

4. Select Attached items.

5. Select the check box next to the image.

6. Select Save.

The photo is then saved to the SD card of your Samsung Galaxy S.


  1. kevin says

    Thank you, this worked perfectly. The select ‘attached items’ is not very intuitive, and many other forums simply said to >Tap> hold> and hit >save.

  2. sonja alsemgeest says

    Omg…thankyou so much!!! I have been trying to figure this out since I got the phone :)

  3. Moya says

    Thankyou so much…it worked…after almost pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to transfer the pics….thanks again.:)

  4. Lyster says

    The pix get saved in the download directory which I was able to access when settign the usb mode to mass storage rather than KIES. Hope the helps.

  5. Rach says

    Agreed with Kate… Where does the picture saved to the sd card actually go so I can bring them back up again?

  6. Randi says

    Need more help. When I download the pictures from my messager it works but it only allows for me to save two pictures. So my old once are always getting deleted. Y? Please help me understand

  7. Kate Catchlove says

    Since the latest update i cant seem to find the photos. Says saved to sd card but where are the photos??

  8. marls says

    Thank’s for your information easy to understand have galaxy Y GT-S5360 work’s well when you know how.!!

  9. witek says

    yer great but what directory does the file actually go to if you dont have an sd card ?

    i keep looking but i cant see it anywhere..

  10. Bitte says

    Thanks so much – I’ve really been wondering about this and you helped me a lot!!!

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