Samsung Galaxy S: Enable or Disable Safe Mode

Some original Samsung Galaxy S users have found that when they enable Safe Mode on the phone, they cannot figure out how to get it back to startup normally. Here’s a tutorial on how to turn Safe Mode on or off.

Get Out of Safe Mode

  1. Power off the phone as you normally would.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Place the battery back into the device.

The Galaxy S should now start normally.

Start in Safe Mode

  1. Power the phone off.
  2. Turn the phone back on while pressing and holding the “Menu” button.
  3. Keep holding the “Menu” button until the Home screen loads. The lower-left corner should say “Safe Mode“.


My device still starts in Safe Mode and I don’t want it to. Why is this happening?

It is possible that your “Menu” button is stuck.¬†Ensure your screen is properly cleaned. If you recently installed apps onto your phone, try uninstalling them while in Safe Mode as some apps can cause the phone to get stuck in this state.


  1. nkechi ukata says

    I have tried switching off my fone BT it doesn’t work and when it’s on safe all my app i downloaded doesn’t show at d home screen it goes back to my memory card showing that is not installed and even when i try installing them they don’t still come up

  2. susan gray says

    Is it possible for my samsung galaxy s5 to be remotely accessed by someone such as see things I do or hear calls I make, see text I send and receive etc? I just saw like akyscope, lawmo,
    Etc….unknown things installed that I was never aware of. Then when I go to search online it kicks me out of page like someone is remotely closing the page? I jave worked at cell phone store for 12 years and this has came up many times before. I know it is possible but someone has to go through extreme measures and lots of moolah as far as I know. Please answer if possible..

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