Samsung Galaxy S: Disable Safe Mode

Some Samsung Galaxy S users have found that when they enable Safe Mode on the phone, they figure out how to get it back to startup normally.

To get the Samsung Galaxy S out of Safe mode, follow these steps:

1. Power off the phone as you normally would.

2. Remove the battery.

3. Place the battery back into the device.

The Galaxy S should now start normally.


  1. Sharon says

    Tried this method several times; was not successful. Phone still booted up in safe mode.

  2. ray stewart says

    Ace info. worked for me, just turned phone off for a minute, reboot & safe mode gone! amazing, thanks.

  3. Victoria says

    This is a total life saver ot wouldn’t let me do anything unti I did that who ever wrote this is a genius

  4. aman says

    i disabled safe mode by using the steps to enable safe mode, switch off your phone after few seconds turn back on holding the power button and down volume button until the samsung logo appears. try this if restarting your phone by removing your battery did not disable safe mode.

  5. Lena Childress says

    That was ridiculously stupid,…both my husband and I have done that five tinges and still nothing…… does it even get into safe mode anyway?

  6. mohammed afzal says

    thanks a lot safe mode was buging me for the last on weak now my problem is solved

  7. Pippa says

    Thanks. That was invaluable info. It’s been driving me nuts for a couple of days.

  8. Mel says

    Only had my phone a few days when safe mode came on after running out of battery. Couldn’t get mine out of safe mode even after removing the battery – after looking at these comments I looked at the buttons for “sticky buttons” as per a previous comment – turns out my volume button was faulty and stuck on, so had to return it to store for a replacement phone.

  9. mahindra says

    i resolved the problem in my s3 for continous stuck in safe mode…
    first check whether your phone volume button (either up or down) is sticking to the phone..
    i think this might led to continuous storage in shirt or pant pockets ..
    adjust the volume buttons by checking on music player and make sure any other buttons are sticky.. now switch off and start it gently without touching any buttons..
    hope this works to everyone…

  10. Zhi Hai Zhang says

    Safe mode just appaearsed mysteriously. The fix was very simple in my case (Samsung Galaxy SII). Removed battery for 1 minute. Replaced. Safe mode gone. Good Luck. Zhi Hai

  11. Janet says

    You can also exit safe mode by turning the phone off and restarting while holding the Menu button while it boots.

  12. matt says

    I turned the phone off, took out the battery, then held the down volume button on the side, turned the phone all the while holding the down volume button tell reboot. It worked that way too,

  13. dave says

    I got out of safe mode another way – power phone off, hold down the menu button (button on the bottom front of phone) power back on and keep holding the menu button until it completely powers up – no more safe mode for me :-)

  14. debby antoine says

    Hi I’m new to this site! I have a Samsung galaxy s plus, today I was just browsing the market app when my phone just switched of then came on in safe mode, first I just switched my phone on but the safe mode was still so I took the battery and sim card then put it back. I turned my phone on the safe mode had gone. Everything came back to normal except my email Accounts were gone I had to start all over again

  15. jessica says

    thank you!
    I had my phone in my purse and had no idea what had happend! I had no idea how to remove it, back to normal.

  16. kirst says

    i thought it was something my kids accidentally switched on!
    did as instructed, now phone is as good as new. :)

  17. jordan says

    so my after i took the battery out and rebooted it my phone cannot find any networks and cant identify me sims card :( help

  18. Emily Baser says

    all my apps went, as i was doing so well on a game… i hoping to get my phone back to normal to carry on again

  19. Mitch says

    It’s to temporarily put the phone in a factory state in the event that it’s been damaged by bad software.

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