Samsung Galaxy S: Add Contact to Favorites

Quickly access a contact from your Samsung Galaxy S smartphone by adding it to your Favorites list.

1. Open the Contacts app.

2. Tap and hold the contact.

3. Tap Add to favorites.

You can also then tap the star at the top right on the contact’s screen to make it a favorite.


  1. judgebarb says

    I have got another name on my daughter’s photo and phone number in favorites. When I check edit, it takes me to my daugher’s real name and phone number, neither of which I needs to be edited. How do I just edit the name in favorites?



  2. sschriver says

    I have to press the Done button for mine to work. The back button doesn’t save it.

    My gripe is that I can’t put my favorites in the order I want. On my iphone, it listed in order of input and I always put the hubby and kids in first, then any business and extended family. I haven’t found a way to stop mixing my kids in the whole list because it uses alphabetical order.

  3. Macca says

    This does NOT work for me – I’ve tried it a lot of times and it refuses to save it as a favourite. Is it because of the back button reverting to a previous state for that contact?

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