Samsung Galaxy Note2: Automatically Block Calls From Specific Numbers

The Samsung Galaxy Note2 has a wonderful feature that allows you to automatically block phone calls from specific phone numbers. Finally some relief from annoying robo-dialers and telemarketers. Use these steps to setup a blacklist.

Note: Some carriers may not have this setting available on their devices.

1. From the Phone app, press the Menu button.

2. Select Call settings.

3. Select Call rejection.

4. Slide the Auto reject mode setting to the right.

5. Select Create.

6. Type the phone number you would like to block. Give it a category.

7. Select Save.

You’re done! Now all calls from that phone number will be automatically rejected by your Galaxy Note2.


  1. jerr6 says

    Absolutely worhtless feature. Doesnt block the call, just sends them to voice mail. So now instead of receiving calls from telemarketers, Im getting voicemails of their recording. Ugh.

  2. v jones says

    What the use of blocking if it goes right to vm anyway… it’s the same as not answering?????? Please????

  3. Joe says

    This method send the caller straight to voice mail, which is annoying because the original call was blocked (great) but now I go to review VM and there he is again.

  4. carly says

    I’ve used this blocking method and the “blocked sender(s)” still get through. So, to whom so ever it may concern, fix this glich, immediatly.. STAT!!! Go on.. get to it.

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