Samsung Galaxy Note Won’t Connect to Kies Fix

Samsung Galaxy Note owners may experience a problem when attempting to connect their device to Kies. Users have solved this problem by trying a few different things.

Option 1

1. Open Settings and select Wireless & network.

2. Choose USB Utilities.

3. Select Connect storage to PC.


Option 2

1. Unplug the device from the computer.

2. Press and hold the Power button, then turn the device off.

3. Turn the phone back on without it being plugged into anything.

4. Plug the device back into your PC using the USB port.


Option 3

If you have an SD card inserted, some users have fixed this problem by removing the SD card from their device. Turn the phone off, then physically remove the SD card and attempt to connect via Kies.


Option 4

If you are a Windows user, Check under Control Panel > Programs on your PC for something called Microsoft User Mode Driver Framework. If it is listed, uninstall it. You may have to reinstall the drivers for your Galaxy Note for this option to work.


Option 5

1. Disconnect the phone from your PC.

2. Open the phone dialer, then dial the following:


2. The PhoneUtil app is launched. Select USB – Modem.

3. Choose USB – PDA mode.

4. Connect the Galaxy Note to the PC.

Hopefully one of these options worked for you. Let everybody know your results below in the comments section.


  1. nick says

    Option 3 worked for me. Just popped out my sd card and boom connected absolutely no problem!

  2. Nikola says

    None of these options worked for me, I solved problem uninstalling samsung usb driver from windows device manager

  3. Steve says

    I had the same problem and tried all the above but nothing worked.
    I then tried my old USB cable from my Note 1 and hey presto it is work properly now… I hope this might help some of you
    There must be something wrong with new USB cables

  4. James says

    I was using a generic USB cable with no luck, tried the official Samsung cable that connects the wall plug to the phone for charging and hey presto connected straight away.

  5. Jan says

    thanks, option 2 solved my issue, I will keep this URL in my browser as I can notice that the Samsung software developers are a bit behind

  6. devon says

    none worked, this is a huge problem for a lot of users. I don’t blame the techs trying to help but apple products simply work. i have had many issue with this phone and so have many others. im not trying to be an apple fanboy here, i made the choice to branch out and try something “different” and this is the price i paid lol

  7. Hitesh says

    I have got a major problem with my Galaxy Note (Unrooted device), its not working properly, driving mode is getting activated automatically and it is opening Voice talk option again and again, they charger is getting disconnected and also USB getting disconnected.

    Can anyone help me with this…

  8. Jon says

    I use option #5, and it worked.

    I later downloaded “Kies air” and now use that to connect via any web browser on my network, no cables, no software on the PC. It’s great!

    Thanks for your help, I was going to return my Note tomorrow if I couldn’t get it to work today.

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