Samsung Galaxy Note 1: Enable Safe Mode

You can start your Samsung Galaxy Note 1 in Safe Mode to boot into Android with a default set of software. This mode is used in the event when an app has been loaded onto the phone that causes it to no longer start or function correctly. Booting in Safe Mode allows you access to start the device properly and remove the app or fix the setting that caused the problem.

1. Power the Galaxy Note off.

2. Press and hold the Power button to turn the device on.

3. Once you see the animation on the screen, continuously tap theĀ MenuĀ button. (Button with 3 lines below the screen)

Once the device loads the Android OS, you should see the words “Safe Mode” appear in the lower-left corner of the home screen. You may have to unlock the screen to see these words. If you don’t see them, turn the Galaxy Note off and try again.

When you are finished with Safe Mode, you can press and hold the Power button, then tap Power off. You can then power on the device as normal.


  1. Crystal Knight says

    If your phone goes into safe mode and it’s because of an app. Will it tell you what App has a problem? Well it remove the App on it’s own? After turning my phone off and back on the Safe mode is gone but I have lost some information. Is that normal? Please let me know, thank

  2. Zham says

    I noticed it today when I was changing my battery on my note, I shut it down removed the back cover and removed the battery and put in my other battery.

    I was underway to put on the back cover when I noticed the phone have started on its own, when the startpage came up I noticed the word “safe mode” so I rebooted the phone and it started normal, but all icons in the program menu had changed places, so now I have to manually change the icons to the place I want them to be.

  3. Andrew Nduwimana says

    I do appreciate technical support. I have been helped with how I leave the safe mode on my phone.
    You are so appreciated

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