Samsung Focus: Hard Reset Using Hardware Keys

You could perform a factory reset on your Samsung Focus using the Windows Phone 7 software, but what do you do if the phone is frozen and won’t respond when you go to do a hard reset? Luckily, you can perform a hard reset using the hardware keys.

Note: These steps will wipe all data from the phone and set it back to factory default settings. Be sure to backup your data on the phone before performing these steps.

1. Press and hold the Camera, Volume Down, and Power buttons simultaneously.

2. Release Power when the phone vibrates, but continue to hold down Camera and Volume Down.

3. Release Camera and Volume Down when the Format prompt is displayed on screen.

4. Press WP7 Windows button.

5. Press WP7 Windows button again to confirm the hard reset.


  1. Alex Mango says

    Hope all is well

    My Samsung Windows 8 Focus phone has failed to read the memory card and sim card

    I have tried a hard reset but in vain

    This is what it displays

    Storage card not working
    Your storage card has been changed, is damaged, or is non-complaint.
    To fix this, turn off your phone or either remove storage card or replace it with a new compliant card. Then you will need to reset your phone to the original factory settings.

    To reset your phone, refer to the owner’s manual.

    I have done all that still the same thing happens

    Please advise what i can do resolve this

    Thanks and regards

    Alex Mango

  2. Trevor Duncan says

    Thank you for this info, it worked like a charm on my first try! You should make a youtube video of this if you haven’t already. Keep up the great work! ~Trevor

  3. joe says

    my phone has been in download mode for an hour when the screen says it should take ten minutes please give advice thankyou

  4. Shaniqua says

    I tried this and though it worked just the way you said it would my phone just went back to the frozen “SAMSUNG” screen.

    Any thoughts on how to fix this?
    It started when I plugged it up to my laptop for an update and about a half hour later it completely shut off and powered back up to the “SAMSUNG” screen and hasn’t changed since. I’ve let it die to completely recharge the battery but the same thing happens all over again.

  5. Vali says

    Is there any way you can help me on how to format a Samsung gt wander. its working but i installed a application in my phone which is blocking me from using the phone and the screen goes dimmer as soon as starts up.

  6. Lisa says

    Thank you! My phone froze while my friend was in the hospital for an emergency surgery and this article fixed it! (the phone, not my friend but she should be okay) What a huge help!

  7. Cullen says

    I have an unlocked AT&T Focus and live in Barbados. I keep getting the error “can’t update phone please try again” every time I attempt to update to Mango. I’m on an iMac with loads of free HD space, the original Samsung cable attached directly to the computer’s USB port and I’ve tried everything I can think of for this upgrade. Any help would be appreciated.

  8. drake says

    My phone was locked on the Samsung opening screen, so I powered down and followed the steps, making it to the “Done” screen. It then powered down and back up and is again stuck at the Samsung opening screen. Repeated process and it’s still stuck.

    Not sure where I go from here…

  9. danii says

    so my phone was working just fine last night and then i changed the background color to white instead of black and then i went to bed and all of a sudden i woke up in the morning and got a text and my phone started acting weird and i reset it and it freezes on the ‘windows phone’ screen and it stays there for a while and then it restarts its self. so i reset it again and it did the same thing . i need help on what to do please !

  10. Cullen in Barbados says

    So, I got up this morning to find that everything on my phone is functioning except that I cannot hear anything when people call me. They can hear me just fine, ringtones, music, everything else works. HELP! I am very unhappy and I am the only one with this phone in Barbados.

  11. k7 says

    If a hard reset was performed (by a recently un-friended person while the phone was locked) via the hardware keys can data be recovered at all?

  12. Seth says

    Perfect. I smashed the screen on my phone and before I sent it back I wanted to make sure it was wiped. This did the trick, except for step 2 where I simply waited for 30 seconds as the display was completely broken. Thanks!

  13. posh says

    When I do this it just takes me to the camera. I’m locked out of my phone so I tried to do a reset of the phone, however these steps aren’t working. Is there anything else I can try or do I need to take it to AT&T?

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