Samsung Focus: Enable USB Tethering

It was uncovered that USB tethering is actually available on the Samsung Focus smartphone. This doesn’t seem to be a supported feature yet, so enable this capability at your own risk.

1. Bring up the dial pad on the phone.

2. Dial ##634#

3. At the Diagnostics Menu, dial *#7284#

4. Select Modem, Tethered Call.

5. Power off the phone and restart it.

Now you’ll be able to use your Focus for your Internet connection for your computer. You’ll have a modem installed on the computer that represents your phone, and you’ll have to configure Dial-Up Networking to use the following info:

Phone Number: *99***1#
Password: CINGULAR1

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  1. DP says

    This doesn’t work for me, the dial up connection doesn’t get connected. Is this supposed to work in Australia too or is this only US? waiting for response :)

  2. jon says

    I have been tethering with the focus and ATT has never bugged me, nor should they. I have the whole family on their phones and use the PC for teaching and writing papers. If I watch a video it is not over the modem. Works great, don’t forget the initialization string if there is a connection issue.

  3. kevin says

    Do u work at att?
    i have been tethering on my samsung focus for 4.2 months now and att never said anything.

  4. bob says

    At&t has caught wind of people tethering through this method without paying for the additional $45.00 per month tethering plan and will send you a warning message. The message warns you to decease immediately and should you continue your account will start being charged the $45.00 fee on your next bill.

    Many people report getting the warning messages

  5. jj says

    I did and when i switched it back, zune does not recognize that phone has been attached.

    I am not able to sync anymore. help?

  6. Robert says

    I did this, but when I switched Diagnostics back to Zune, I lost all apps and pics…

    Has this happened to anyone else?

  7. Vic Spainhower says

    I got my WP7 configured for tethering and installed a driver on my Windows XP machine. I then successfully configured dial-up networking and everything worked great. I then rebooted my machine and it was no longer working. I found the modem was no longer installed and It continues to lose the modem after reboot.

    any ideas?


  8. Rensop says

    Phone is stuck on the Windows Phone screen after reboot? All power down options have been tried including taking the battery out for a few min. Anyone else run into this?

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