Samsung Focus: Download and Install Apps

Expand the use of your Samsung Focus by downloading and installing Windows Phone 7 apps. There are already a ton of games available for the platform in the Marketplace.

1. Tap the arrow on the upper-right corner of the Start screen.

2. Select Marketplace.

3. Tap the magnifying glass to search for apps or choose Apps > Category to browse the selection.

Optionally you can also use the Zune software to get apps for your phone.

1. Attach the Focus to your computer. The Zune software should launch.

2. Select Marketplace.

3. Select Apps.

4. Choose Devices on the left side.

5. Select Windows Phone.


  1. Irina says

    I went onto marketplace on my ohone and created an accout, and accidentaly tapped on 1996 as my birth year, now I can’t download anything because of that :( what do I do? I have a samsung focus 2

  2. Surya says

    I had samsung focus mobile. How to install games and apps using zune software?

    As you suggested, In zune software i am not able to the apps in marketplace.

    Thanks in advance.

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