Samsung Focus: Copy Music From Computer

Copy music files from your computer to the Samsung Focus smartphone using the Zune software. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to mount the drive on Windows Phone 7 devices like you can with many popular smartphone. You’ll have to manage with these steps.

1. Download and install the Zune software. Usually, your music files will be imported to the software automatically. If they aren’t, you can add items under Settings > Collection.

2. Connect your Focus to the computer using the included USB cable.

3. From the main screen, click Collection, then select Music, Videos or Pictures as desired.

Zune collection option

4. Select items you would like to copy, then drag them to the Device icon in the lower-left corner of the screen. Use the CTRL while clicking multiple items to copy more than one. Below we copied two songs from the collection.

Copying music in Zune

Any item you drag to the Device icon will sync to the phone.

Note: If any music that is protected with DRM is copied, it will not show up on the Samsung Focus. iTunes music files used to have DRM protection on them, so older files may not work.


  1. Bill Parfitt says

    Why does it take almost TWO HOURS to copy an 273 MB 800×480 wmv video to the Samsung Focus through Zune? If I don’t get some really good answers quickly, this POS is going back to the AT&T store. I (supposedly) upgraded from a Blackjack and, yet, I can copy this same video to the Blackjack in less than five minutes. I copied an 800 MB video to the Focus the night I got it and it took OVERNIGHT for God’s sake. This is absolutely a showstopper!

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