Samsung Fascinate: Hard Reset

Perform a hard reset on your Samsung Fascinate. A hard reset will wipe all data off the smartphone so you can start anew. There are two methods to achieve this.

Hardware button method

1. Turn the power off. Pull the battery out and replace it if the Power button doesn’t work.

2. Press and hold the Volume Up, Volume Down and Power buttons.

3. Release the Power when the Samsung logo appears. Continue to hold Volume Up and Volume Down until a menu appears/

4. Use the Volume Down button to select wipe data/factory reset. Press Home to make the selection.

5. Select Volume Up for Yes.

6. The Samsung Fascinate will then complete the hard reset process. Afterwards, you’ll be presented with an option to Reboot. Press the Home button to select it.

Software method

1. Select Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset.

2. Tap the Reset phone button.

3. Select Erase everything.

Note: This only removes data from the Fascinate’s memory. SD card data is not erased unless you format the card.


  1. Gary says

    I am trying this reset, but how do you do this if all of the “light up” key are not functioning? I can not select reset when home key is dead.

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