Samsung Fascinate: Enable/Disable Data Roaming

Enable or disable Data Roaming on your Samsung Fascinate if you’ll be traveling. Turning data roaming off will save battery power and ensure that you won’t get billed an obnoxious rate for data use in certain areas. Enabling it will get you connected to the Internet wherever a wireless tower is available.

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Tap Wireless & networks.

3. Tap Mobile networks.

4. Check the Data roaming check box to turn it on. Uncheck it to turn it off.


  1. Linda says

    Thanks… I’ll just add, you can’t get to “mobile networks” when in airplane mode! Turn off airplane mode and then you can turn off data.

  2. stephanie says

    So turning off the Data Roaming will disable my phone completely from using ANY data?

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