Samsung Captivate: How to Hard Reset

Wondering how to hard reset your Samsung Captivate phone? You may need to know how to perform a hard reset if you’re parting with the device and don’t wish for any of your data to go with the phone. It can also be used as a last step in the troubleshooting process if you’ve been experiencing malfunctions on the device that can’t be solved by other means. Either way, you can use these steps reset the phone to factory default settings and clear all the data off the phone.

Note: There is no backup of data on the phone unless you have created one. Be sure you know what you are doing and that you don’t have any data on the phone that you must have in the future. SD card data should be preserved after these steps, but to be sure, you may want to backup that data as well. Better safe than sorry!

There are two ways you can perform a hard reset on the Capivate. This is the hardware button method. It’s usually preferred if the device will not boot properly.

1. Turn the power off. Pull the battery out and replace it if the Power button doesn’t work.

2. Press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons.

3. Release the Power button while continuing the hold Volume Down until a menu appears prompting you to select Fastboot, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Simlock.

4. Select Delete all user data using the Volume Down button.

5. Press the release Power button.

6. Select Volume Up for Yes.

Optionally, if the device start properly, you can use the software method if you prefer to go that route.

1. Open Settings.

2. Select Privacy.

3. Select Factory data reset.

4. Select Reset phone.

5. If you set a password on the device, you will be prompted for it. Enter it, then tap Erase everything.

The Samsung Captivate will then take a few minutes to complete the hard reset process. Once completed, it will restart and look like it did when it was taken out of the box and started for the first time. SD card data is preserved after this process, so you may want to remove the SD card or format it if you are getting rid of the device.


  1. Khrissy says

    so, my friend put a password on my phone.. how do i reset it to completly erase everything, including the password?

  2. Tim Turner says

    How do you do the other reset? I can boot fine, just locked in landscape mode and too many strange errors since upgrading to 2.3 GB. Also computers will not recognize my phone.

  3. j-did7 says

    My screen is broke and i am selling for parts, is there a way to reset without being able to see the screen? Thanks

  4. jack says

    I bought a Samsung Captivate from someone, but it was dead when i bought it. i charged it when i got home but it has a screenlock! of course tha guy is nowhere to be found! imagine that. Is there ANY way to reset w/out getting into phone?

  5. Ryan says

    You have to hold down the middle of the volume button , pushing up and down at the same time

  6. Moncia says

    Ok…I did this but the menu that came up had different options then listed here. These are the choices I had:

    -reboot system now
    -reinstall packages
    -delete all user data
    -delete cache data

    Any ideas on what I should do?

  7. Lori says

    Jason, my guess would be that you aren’t pressing the right place on the volume button or perhaps letting go of the power button too soon or too late. It’s kind of tricky and took me a few times. If I were you I would keep trying this option. If I remember correctly it seems that you push the volume buttom somewhere between the middle and down.
    There are other ways to hard reset but for all of the other ones you have to be able to see the keyboard. With mine I couldn’t see it and after much research at the ATT store and about 1 1/2 hours of online research at home this appears to be the only other way to hard reset.
    If you can see your menu options go to your home screen, bring up your menu then go to settings and privacy, then there’s an option to factory reset.

  8. Brian says

    actually you have to hold down on the middle of the volume button. Then it will allow you access to the reset menu. Hope this helps anyone…

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