Samsung BD-D5700: Solve Netflix “We cannot play the title right now” Error

Users of the Samsung BD-D5700 Blu-ray player or other Samsung streaming devices may encounter a problem with Netflix where they can no longer stream content. They may get an error that says “We cannot play the title right now, please choose another title or try again later. No matter what, every title does this.

To solve this problem, you will need to sign your Netflix account out of all devices.

1. Sign into Netflix.

2. Select Your Account.

3. Select Sign out of all devices.

4. Select Yes.

The process may take about 8 hours to complete. After 8 hours has elapsed, give your Samsung BD-D5700 another try. If problems persist, you may want to change the password for your Netflix account as somebody else may be using your account and making you exceed the limit on your account. Standard accounts can stream with up to 2 devices at a time, while the family plan allows you to stream up to 4 devices.


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