Safari Icon is Missing From iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Is the Safari icon missing from the Home screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Here are some things to check.

1. Make sure you didn’t drag it to another Home screen. You can flick your finger left or right to switch between Home screens.

2. Make sure there isn’t a restriction on the application. If your employer provided you with your device they may have done this. Check under Settings > General > Restrictions. Make sure Safari is set to On.

iOS Safari Restriction setting

3. Try to reset the icons back to default settings under Settings > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout.

iOS Reset Home Screen Layout option

4. If none of the above works. It’s time to try a Restore.

  • Connect your device to your computer and launch iTunes.
  • Select your device on the left pane under Devices.
  • Select Summary.
  • Select Restore.

iTunes Restore device option

Hopefully after trying these steps your Safari icon will be restored to the Home screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


  1. Bill says

    Wow, saved me from pulling my hair out (of which I have none) Lost I phone icons for safari and App Store. Got ‘me back now. Thanks

  2. Sylvia says

    Thanks! It was driving me crazy and one of your solutions worked! (resetting home screen).

  3. Shell says

    You dont need to reset the layout (I wanted to avoid that, I have a large number of icons and folders). I have never used restrictions, and when I checked, restrictions were as expected, off. However, this worked for me when my safari icon disappeared one morning,. maybe it will help someone else:
    1. In Settings, General, Restrictions, turn restrictions ON temporarily (you need to set a PIN).
    2. Turn Safari OFF in restrictions.
    3. Exit settings.
    4. Go back into Restrictions, turn Safari back ON, and then turn restrictions OFF again.
    My icon appeared right where it used to be.

  4. Chaming says

    Thank you very much for the technical info. Number 2 applied in my case, it was restricted. My very best.

  5. Jeremiah says

    Thank you, I was setting up an iPhone and forgot about the settings in “Restrictions”

  6. Carol says

    Thank you for your help, I turned off my Safari icon accidentally on my iPad, and your info helped me troubleshoot the problem and bring Safari back on my icon page.

  7. Leesa-Machelle says

    Thank you Thank you Thank you, I have been pulling my hair out all day trying to find out why the ‘Safari’ & ‘App store’ icons were missing from my new ipad. They were turned to ‘off’ in the restrictions. Your site is the only one that suggests to check this, & it is so simple.
    Thanks again:)

  8. Sharon says

    That worked resetting my homepage. I have no idea where it went to or why it left. thank you so much. Sharon

  9. Dave says

    Thank you very much. Reset the home screen worked very simply. The phone is brand new and safari icon was missing.

  10. Donna says

    Thank you much….my toddler grandson loves my iPad and lost a few icons. The advice you gave to RESET HOME SCREEN did the trick. Thank you much…. Signed somewhat computer illiterate, Donna.

  11. Susan Marie says

    I was going nuts trying to figure out how to get the Safari Icon back. (thats what happens when you let your grandchildren play with your STUFF).
    Anyway, thank you Mitch. This page is extremely helpful to novists like myself! Thanks for this page and your knowledge.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

    Best Regards.

  12. Narelle says

    Omg – thank you!!!! For answering so quickly what the blooming apple website didn’t xxxxx

  13. Blake says

    Reset home screen layout worked for me, thanks!!! Now time to reorganize all the icons though :P Worth it though.

  14. Patricia says

    I lost my app store icon and Youtube icon as well. I would do an Restriction unlock, but I do not know ny password. Any solution?

  15. Fernando says

    This is the one solution I’ve been looking for the past 4 hrs!! You rock! I just hacked the restrictions and now it works perfectly!!!

  16. Niclas Grunér says

    I agree, should have looked here first…, thank´s a lot, resetting the home screen layout did the job!

  17. jason says

    This worked for me. I set restrictions and thought ON meant the restriction would be applied, but ON meant it hid the icon from the main screen.. so thank you very much for the excellent advice

  18. Michelle says

    Thank you millions – have done restore and all sorts trying to find it! Why didn’t I google it earlier!!!!

  19. Stephen says

    I tried the restore homepage – it works – but it reorganises all your other pages as well – a huge pain to put them back.
    Well…. i managed to delete it a 2nd time. This time i wanted to avoid the pain of re-organising all my pages again – so i tried turning on restrictions then turning them off again – and this put the icon back to the bottom of the home page – phew!

  20. Robert Hafe says

    I fixed mine by: Settings then General then Reset then Reset Home Screen Layout

  21. Charles says

    I have all my stuff backed up else where and I use Copytrans a free program that works around itunes. I assume you have a pc otherwise you are stuck with the bu!!s#it apple methods . . . luck to ya!

  22. Princess says

    Yeah…it probably will…that’s what it did to mine, so try gettin all ur apps back thru the itunes store before restoring your device.

  23. Princess says

    I’m laughing at “us” in the bunch who put restrictions on our pods/phones and then FORGOT and were totally frantic that we couldn’t get online or buy anything lol

  24. Roger says

    I followed the instructions above but now I am unable to restore the device and it is not recognized in I tunes. What do I do?

  25. Chuy says

    There is no need to connect your iphone to itunes, my camera and safari icons disappeared from the main menu as well. What you need to do is:
    Go to the settings icon from the main menu of your iphone, select general, then scroll all the way to the bottom you will see a reset option. Go ahead and click it, then select “reset all settings”. it will ask you for your password twice. Note this will not delete any data so you dont have to worry about loosing any texts, contacts or any other files. After this the iphone will reboot then the missing icons will magically reappear.

    I hope this helps!


  26. Maria says

    that would be very useful, but every time i go to restrictions, the ipod asks for a password! i dont even have a password lock on the ipod, and ive tried some previously used passwords by myself, still doesnt work! somehow i maneged to delete safari! haha hows that possible?

  27. Kathy says

    I was frantic that I had somehow deleted Safari! Thanks for a quick solution (I recently turned on restrictions!)

  28. wesley says

    I’ve found another easy way to solve this problem (only for jailbroken phones).

    1. Install Poof application (Cydia)
    2. Open Poof and turn off Safari
    3. Respring SpringBoard
    4. Open Poof again and turn on Safari

    It’s there again, perhaps you need to respring again after step 4. but it worked for me :) – Faster than restoring from itunes plus you don’t need to hook it up to your pc again :)

  29. Vivian McIntosh says

    Thank goodness! Tried for a few hours yesterday. This helped me fix problem in a minute! Thanks.

  30. egan says

    This was a huge help. I turned on those Restrictions, not knowing it would hide my Safari link. Thanks.

  31. Moxie says

    Thanks so much I have been racking my brains and this helped me in a min flat! Cheers.

  32. Jimbo says

    This worked. For some reason when I did a factory reset on my wifes iphone it locked out all of the applications. Going into the settings all of the apps were locked out. Thanks so much for the info.

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