Safari: Delete Cookies, History, Passwords, etc.

How to clear cache, history, cookies, stored usernames and passwords, etc. in Safari for the Mac or Windows versions.

1. In Safari, select Edit > Preferences

2. Select the Privacy tab.

3. Select Remove All Website Data… to clear everything or select Details… to only clear data from certain websites.

Safari clear website data screen


Other options are available on the Reset Safari screen.

1. In Safari, click Edit > Reset Safariā€¦

2. You will get a Reset Safari screen. Check the items you wish to reset. You can select:

  • Clear History
  • Reset Top Sites
  • Remove all webpage preview images
  • Clear the Downloads window
  • Remove all website icons
  • Remove saved names and passwords
  • Removed other AutoFill form text
  • Close all Safari windows
  • Reset all location warning
  • Remove all website data.

Safari reset data options screen

3. Click Reset when you’re done.

Do these steps every so often to ensure the browser is tuned up and free of private data from being stored on the hard drive.


  1. John Cartledge says

    Wondering if there is a way to minimize the amount of data Website Preview uses or how to limit the amount of pages that it stores any feedback would be much appreciated

    Kind Regards
    Safari User

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