How to Turn Off Roku

Many users of the Roku box have been asking how to turn the device off. They may be shocked to find that there is no way to actually shut the box off. It’s designed to not use very much power, so there is no power button or way in the software to shut it down. You can unplug it from the wall and that is really the only way to remove power from it.

If you’re a freak about saving energy and you want another way to turn off the Roku without having to pull the power cord, a good option would be to purchase a SmartStrip power strip. Using a SmartStrip, you could use your TV as the power controlling device. Doing so would automatically shut off the Roku whenever you turn the TV off.

The only thing you might be concerned with is that you’ll have to wait for the Roku to boot whenever you turn your TV back on.

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How much power does the Roku use?

All models use about 4 watts when idle and about 6 when in use.

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