Roku: Find MAC Address

You may need to find the MAC address of your Roku streaming video player in order to connect to wireless networks that employ MAC address filtering. Here’s how to locate it.

1. From the Home screen, press Up to make the Menu Bar appear.

2. Select Settings.

3. Select Player Info.

The MAC Address will be listed on the screen. It’s also listed on the back of the box itself.


  1. Jay Hill says

    Thanks for the advice on the MAC address. I am wanting one of these but had a couple of questions. I have MAC filtering so this answers that one. I also have a LONG wifi key (60 characters). Is there a way to hook a keyboard up to the device and type the key instead of using an onscreen keyboard that would take forever?


  2. karnaugh says

    But how do you get to the home screen when it defaults to “Setup” during installation?

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