Roku: Netflix Movie Doesn’t Play Fix

A common problem with the Roku player is sometimes Netflix movies will fail to play properly. When trying to play a movie, it may say “retrieving” then kick back to the main screen without playing anything.

This problem can be related to a poor Internet connection, or could be an issue with DNS routing. Make sure your network and Internet connection is fast enough to handle video streaming. If you are sure your connection is fast enough, a common fix for this issue has been to use Google Public DNS.

The DNS setting is configured on your router. The steps for configuring your DNS will vary depending on the type of router you use. If you’re using a Linksys router, you can use these steps.

1. Open the web-based router interface. This is normally accessed by going to in a web browser.

2. Go to Setup > Basic Setup.

3. Set Static DNS 1 to and Static DNS 2 to

4. Select Save Settings.

Once you change the DNS settings on your router, restart the Roku box and see if you experience better results.


  1. Kurt says

    Why would you have to make all of these changes just to get Netflix to work? I don’t have any problems with the channels offerred by Roku, but lately Netflix has been horrible. I experience the situation you describe and I also get “cannot connect to the internet” or similar error, with error code 014.

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