Roku: Access Secret Advanced Settings Screen

There is a screen on the Roku Player that goes way beyond the basic menus. I used this screen to correct syncing problems on certain movies
To access the screen, press the following rapidly:

Home 5 times

Rew 3 times

FF 2 times

Careful what you play with though.


  1. California Gold says

    FOUND AND FIXED Roku XS new screen interface update that was causing MAJOR lagginess.

    I just found and installed an minor os upgrade via the “secret screen”.
    Press Home 5 times, fast forward 3 times and rewind 2 times to get to the “secret screen”

    I then chose the “Update software to latest version”.
    It popped up a screen showing that there was a minor upgrade (I didn’t get a screen shot)..
    I told it to upgrade and after the reboot – all is now well again.

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