Reset Zune HD

If your Microsoft Zune HD media player has become frozen or is not responding, you may need to reset it. Just press and hold the On/Off button for about 10 seconds and the device should restart.

If you still have problems or experience regular issues with the device, you may want to think about restoring your Zune HD.


  1. Bailey says

    Okay, this didn’t work. ): Mine says Connected even when it’s not. And I deleted the software off my computer and reinstalled it, and it still didn’t work. And my internet on my zune work either. UGH.

  2. Anthony says

    Cool I figured this out on my own; but, my Facebook app doesn’t quite work and says it failed to login everytime I try to login. How do I fix this?!

  3. Delilah says

    thankk you so much! and i think its cool that all you guys have zune HDs. i thought we were the only ones and i felt so lame!

  4. Zee says

    This has actually happened to me many times before and I never realized that just holding the power button longer = hard reset! SUPER THANKS!!!

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