Reset Sansa Clip

If the Sandisk Sansa Clip MP3 Player has somehow become unresponsive, it’s easy to reset it.

Hold down the Power/Reset button for about 15 seconds to perform a normal reset.

If you would like to reset the device to it’s original factory settings, you can do so by selecting Settings from the Main Menu, and selecting Reset All.


  1. christian evans says

    my sansa clip isnt working first it keeps freezing than today my music and recordings got cleared than n hour later it says FAT is corrupted please connect device to pc and. so i did that and now irts frozen it wont turn off and i cant listen to music

  2. jeff says

    my sansa cip won’t turn on, but charges and responds to my pc, then it still won’t turn on when i diconnect from pc

  3. John says

    my sansa clip will not play music. It works but does not play music at all. Can somebody help?

  4. michelle says

    my sansa cip won’t turn on, but charges and responds to my pc, then it still won’t turn on when i diconnect from pc

  5. Rob says

    ok im stupid because i thought it would be cool to change the language on it to japanese. my sansa clip wont reset with the power button thing, and i cant read the japanese to restore it to factory settings :S. help?

  6. hooney says

    Yes, it works. Hold the power button 15 sec.

    Jak restartovat Sansa Clip Mp3 když zamrzne ? Podržte tlačítko na vypínání 15 sekund :-)

  7. skb says

    when i turn my sansa clip+ on its stuck on the flower logo thing. i tried resetting it and plugging it into the wall. it will turn off it just wont load. what should i do? im really desperate.

  8. Steve says

    Mine stopped working today, bought last October, just went off, no display even when hooked up to PC or mains adaptor?

  9. musicramis1 says

    My Sansa Clip’s screen says “refresh database” the level indicator goes to 3/4 of the way and stays stuck there and won’t move. Iv’e tried reseting it and still the same. The memory is not full and it is fully charged. CaN ANYBODY HELP?

  10. tom jones says

    worked great i was happy to see it come back on.
    it wouldnt come on at all not even hooked up to the usb.
    it does now.

  11. Amy Hill says

    I select “reset all” and it leads me to language “English” which leads me to “North America” which leads me back to “reset all.” It does not actually reset!!

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