How to Reset iPod Touch

You can soft and hard reset your iPod Touch if it’s frozen or not responding. I’ve had to perform these steps a few times if I haven’t used the device in a while, when it has gotten stuck during a sync, won’t turn on or is stuck on a certain screen.

Soft Reset

1. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the unit until a red slider appears

2. Drag the slider.

3. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.


Hard Reset

Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button for about ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears. The screen should eventually go dark and the iPod Touch should restart and allow you to use it as normal. The music and other media on the device should be preserved after these steps as long as there wasn’t a malfunction that caused data loss.

If the steps above don’t work, it appears you will have to try to restore the iPod Touch. Restoring will remove all data and settings from the device.


  1. danny ridd says

    what can i do if i have disabled iPod an the device has been desinct from iTunes i no it sounds stupid and i haven’t stole the iPod is there any solution to this ??

  2. george says

    i recently got a secondhand 8 gig itouch and i did a soft reset and i know it was working just fine before hand and now it has been stuck in the repring screen for like 12hrs and it will not even register that it is attached as a device to my computer…. i have also tried to do a hard reset as well and still stuck on respring mode

  3. megan says

    I have had my iPod for about a month now. yesterday I ran it completely
    dead. I tried connecting it to this extra battery I have. but it wasn’t enough. then the iPod and the battery stopped working. I true charging it all day. I tried resetting it, yet my iPod still won’t even come on. when I plug it into my computer and it doesn’t even show a connection. is it fried or is there something else I can try?

  4. kathryn says

    my computer is connected to the internet. I can still get songs off of the itunes library I just cant connect to restore my ipod.

  5. kathryn says

    all that comes up on my ipod is a usb plug with an arrow point to the itunes desktop icon. Itunes reads that my ipod and when i press restore. A notification comes up saying “itunes could not contact the ipod software update server because you are not connected to the internet.”
    ive checked the LAN connection as well.

  6. corey says

    Hi guys i need help badly..i have an 8 gb ipod touch i got for chriistmas last year..and i dropped it in a bath tub. everything still workdjust the internet connections were all messed up and i do have i went to erase ipod to reboot itand it shows an ipod plug with an upward arrow to the itunes logo. Hoping somebody can tell me what can be wrong..

  7. britz says

    heey i cant get apps on my ipod touch because they dont sync and all the checkboxes are grey and dead, because apparently (so ive heard) i have to disable restrictions but i cant seem to remember the passcode!!! i reaally want my apps!! please help ASAP!!!

  8. David says

    i have a 16gb i pod touch and i dont have the passcode for it and the computer that i have it synced to now. its not the original one. i really need help please!

  9. Tina says

    Ipode touch 32gb has the itunes and usb on the screen, I have followed the instruction for resetting, but nothing work. Please help because I have not been able to use since I received it.

  10. sarah says

    oh gosh! it helped me soo much! beacause my internet stopped working and now its working perfectly! thanks so much!

  11. Amurph says

    Liset plug it into itunes i did that with my nano last year and it allowed me to go into settings and change th passcode or remove it. It works tha\e same for the nano as the touch

  12. Rachel Smith says

    i synced my ipod to my uncles comp and now that im home again i want to sync it to my comp but i forgot my restrictions password! HELP! my ipod is USELESS! :(

  13. Lakin e says

    okay so i just got this ipod touch today and it keeps telling me to plug it in my computer so i plugged it in and charged it all the way and it still is telling me to plug it in my computer and wont let me do anything else so i done the soft reset and it didnt work so i done the hard reset and that didnt work either please help me!!!

  14. Caroline says

    i tried reseting it but it kep on stoppeing and saying error so please if you can help me reset the passcode please please help me with reseting the passcode on my ipod touch

  15. Steph says

    Hey i have a prolem. My ipod touch is disabled and it says i need to connect to itunes but when i do it says in itunes that i need to put my passcode on the ipod but the thing is that it is frozen with the: ipod is desactivated, connect to itunes, message so i cant really type my password.

  16. daniel says

    i connected my ipod to my pc and on my ipod it says connect to itunes i connected it and resteded it and still dont work and when i resetit it says error occured 1601

  17. kevin says

    hey i go a problem with my ipodtouch it/’s disabled and when i connect it to itunes it siad i need to tipe the password in wat do i do?

  18. baylie says

    my ipod touch locked up and now its saying ipod is disabled connect to itunes and i did that and it will not work no matter what please help me:(

  19. daniel says

    i hard resetted my ipod touch and it now shows the ‘connect to itunes’ graphic. i cant because it wants a password and i cannot enter it.

  20. help me out!! says

    my itouch has beed diabled and says to connect tio itunes i have done that but it still haent worked i have tried absolutely everything..what do i do now!!!

  21. Raman says

    well my i pod says that u have to connect it to i tunes and when i do i tunes says u have to input the pass and i don’t know where to do that because i pod isn’t showing me where i could input the password tht i had put in to get in the i pod but i don’t know wht to do cause nothing is working PLEASE HELP MEE!!

  22. hizzam says

    My ipod is disable… the passcode to don’t have… itunes can not read… can you help me fot this… there’s only disble on this ipod… so someone help this to resolve this problem…

  23. Katylady says

    If you’re so concerned about losing your music, go find the sharepod program and backup your music to your computer! You can put it back into your library once you’re absolutely sure it’s on your computer.

    My daughter lost her ipod for the last 3 months. We finally found it and now she can’t remember her passcode. She hasn’t been syncing it correctly, so we’re backing up her music and will start from scratch once we reset it.

  24. bob says

    my itouch says at the top disabled try again in 20,983,396 what do i do i cant like wait for it to go down and i tried to reset it and it would not work oh no

  25. dan says

    hey i juust found that
    1. connect ipod to comuter while ipod says to connect to itunes

    2.hold sleep and home until ipod shuts off. then keep holding until ipod turns on.

    3. at that point let go of sleep but still hold the home.

    4. keep holding home until ipod is fully into recovery mode.

  26. Spens says

    Ok i did what chris said and it actually works thanks so much i was freaking out at first because my dad wouldve killed me if he found out so thanks so much!!!

  27. Drops says

    Worked great all i had to do was update my itunes and did exactly what you said and everything else was plug and play the only thing that most people are doing wrong is that they need to hold the top and bottom button longer

  28. ashley cameron says

    my Ipod touch says ipod disabled, connect to itunes, but it has a password. that i forgot. when i connect it to itunes, it says enter the ipod’s password. but since the ipod’s disabled, i can’t type in anything. my sreen doesnt respond. it’s been like this since april. i’ve tried resetting it the soft, and hard ways. nothing works. HELPP MEE!

  29. Ruby says

    I bought an iPod touch from a friend and I try to upgrade the applications on it but it asks for a password and I don’t know it and I don’t talk to him anymore, how do I fix that?

  30. Mackenzy Leveque says

    ok Sean same thing happended to me and i was like wtf. Ok I have a outlet charger for my ipod, so i just left it on the charger for a couple days, then i checked back and everything worked again. If you dont have a outlet charger than i dont know dude.

  31. Sean says

    when i turn on it says that my ipod is dissabled and please connect to itunes and when i connect to itunes it says ipod is looked with code please unlock ipod to use itunes?? please help i dnt no wat to do?

  32. thomas zuidema says

    ive tried holding reset button and the home button but the apple logo isnt appearing. i dont no why it is doing this

  33. airhead says

    this website has helped me out alot!! but i have it on the itunes logo and usb thing. but it will not connect to my itunes.. anyone no how to go from there..??

  34. Mads says

    thanks so much.
    the one that worked for me is…

    1. plug your ipod into the computer and open itunes. it will say something like “cant connect with computer put in passcode or something” but ignore that, leave that window up on the screen.

    2. hold down the lock button on top of the ipod and the home button at the same time until the apple logo comes up and then when the apple logo comes up let go of the lock button and just hold the home one.

    3. shortly the ipod will display itunes and the connecting cord and on ur screen u will have the option to restore factory settings. click that.

    all your data will be erased, but at least your ipod will work :)

    thats what worked for me.
    thanks everyone

  35. Silent says

    man i tried everything i read i can never get it to start my 8gb itouch but notin works the screen says ipod is disabled connect to itunes and when i do it says its lock by a passcode i tried pressing and holdin the top and home buttons hundreds of times how long does it take i waited for 10 or more minutes and nothing ever happens please help me fix this.

  36. lindsay says

    i need help!
    i bought music on my itouch & plugged it in and it said transfer to computer and i pressed yes adn now none of it will show up on my computer or ipod ! what do i do ?

  37. Laura says

    Hi, I hope you can help me! I bought my son an Ipod Touch for his birthday. Now, he has forgotten his passcode. He cannot use his Ipod at all. I tried the instructions at the top of this page and they seem to have worked. It said that the Ipod was restored. However, the Ipod still wants the passcode. Can you help me?

    Thanks Alot,

    Desperate Mom

  38. Kitty says

    I have so many passwords on my IPod. I always have trouble signing in. Can I just use one password and how do I reset it.

  39. Soto1121 says

    My i pod is not responding. It does not turn on, no lights and when I press the sleep button it sounds like clik clik but nothing appeared in the screen. Can I do something or just throw it against the floor

  40. yobs says

    It is amazing how many people complain of the same problem but fail to spend a few minutes reading the advice given in various places in this chain.

    If it helps read number 5, follow Sammy’s simple steps and you be smiling again in no time. MY eleven ten year did and his ipod is back on track.

    Cheers Sammy

  41. Robert says

    same happend to me. tell u what, just restore it and everything will be fine, it’ll take about 10 mins. i did

  42. munzy says

    Every time i try to restore my itouch on itunes it says that a passcode is required… can someone p-lease help!!!!

  43. Phillipstaythowed says

    I have a problem with my Ipod touch I for got my restrictions password are therefore can not put music on it. Can someone help me reset it so I can put my music on it

  44. Maryna says

    I erased memory in my ipod touch 8g and now i dont know how i should restart my ipod again. can anybody help me with this problem?

  45. tyler says

    i cant rember my ipod touch passcode i cant get it unlocked it sais connect to i tunes wheen i do it stills says that what do i do

  46. maria says

    the passcode lockout thing happened to mine too,just Hold down the power and home keys down for about 10 seconds each while plugged into itunes. When the screen goes black, release the power button but keep holding the home key until itunes says. We have detected an itouch in recovery mode.

    From there you can restore as normal via iTunes.

  47. jeremiah says

    hey im haveing a problem aswell with my ipod it is a 8g ipod touchand all it shows is the power bar thingy and the apple in the middle of screen i cant access to anything else its a real problem any tips plz?

  48. Olivia says

    I need to thank Felix so much, i tried his solution and my iPod is now working!! Thannk You Felix!!!

  49. J-dog says

    i forgot my password for my ipod touch, so i put it in recovry mode it stopped now its stuck in connect to itunes mode what do i do

  50. riley says

    alecia all you have to do is download itunes 8 and then plug your ipod in to your computer and connect it itunes

  51. Ryan says

    Hi, i accidentally deleted my app store icon. how can i get it back without losing any of my applications i have installed?anyone help.

  52. mikey says

    i bought an ipod from my friend and he forgot his passcode for his itouch and i just spent 150 dollars on it so if someone could tell me how to reset the passcode to the ipod ud really help me out plezz need my music!

  53. jay jay says

    thanks to all the people that posted how to restore your ipod. i can now use my ipod

  54. julie says

    i 4 got my password to my touch what should i do i just got it and no i have nothing to do with it!!!!

  55. sonia says

    what do i do i forgot my passcode for my ipod touch and its had been would i enable it?

  56. honeyy. says

    press&hold both buttons until your ipod tuens off,
    Dhen press&hold dhe home button&connect it to your comouterr.
    Make sure itunes is on.
    anymore questions ask me.
    well it workedd for me

  57. elly says

    I like how people who mention that they bought a STOLEN iPod touch are asking for help. WTF, maybe it’s karma *ssholes!

  58. josh says

    Uhmmm my ipod disabled itself and i followed the instructions from her for itunes reset and now i can’t even get it to turn on how do i fix it??

  59. lucky says

    what if i forgot my passcode and i changed lap tops because my lap top broke.. what to do ?

  60. jacob says

    i did that adn it comes up to restore it but i have 490 songs on there and theyll all be deleted

  61. ryan says

    I bought a stolen ipod touch and there is a password on it, i want it unlocked and i dont care if all the music is deleted!!! help me im desperate

  62. monica says

    My ipod touch says its disabled and it says to connect to itunes, ok so I did that… then in a little sign on my computer; it said itunes cannot connect to my ipod because it is locked. You must enter your password before it can connect to itunes and I can’t do that because if my ipod is disabled than I can’t enter my password or do anything… please help before my mom kicks my butt!! (:

  63. lakeside says

    my ipod touch has refused to restore and i can not access due to the passcode thing is there any other means apart from using itunes restore.

  64. Dylan says

    SAMMY. i did that and i click restore and then it says restore & dowload software, i have downloaded it and it still hasn’t restored. PLEASE HELP ME I AM DESPERATE

  65. brian says

    my i-pod is a 8gb and it has a passcode on it but when i turn it on it says that my i-pod is disabled and to plug it into i-tunes. then when i plug it into i-tunes it says it can not access my i-pod beacuase it has a passcode on it . please help

  66. Glitch says

    i have held my thumb on the home button for the last 20 minutes after the logo appeared, which explains no capitols. nothing is working.

  67. ryan says

    my ipod touch is not being activated in itunes because it says i need to enter my passcode but i cant get to the passcode screen. can anybody help me here?

  68. trina says

    Hi, i seem to have the same problem as everyone else, but I have tried everything already and still no change, but i did try and connect it to iTunes and to restore the iPod, but unsuccessful as there was an error, i couldn’t restore it because of the internet connection or some system was blocked or something…what do i do next?

  69. Mason says

    i have the same problem thats like 8 years do you realize that i’m going to try to do the whole reset thing i hope it works

  70. Fleur says

    What must I do if I forgot my password and my computer I currently use is not the computer my iPod touch is connected to. What happens if I reset it? Does all my songs and pictures fade away? I really don’t know what to do, if someone can help me, I would be very happy! :D

  71. Sammy says

    If your ipod is disabled because you forgot your password. Connect it to your computer make sure you have itunes installed do the reset by holding awake and sleep button with home button at the same time once it resets hold only the home button down until it connects to your itunes and asks you to restore the ipod

  72. olatunji says

    what do i do i forgot my passcode for my ipod touch and its had been would i enable it?