Remove Apps From Droid X

Remove apps from the Motorola Droid X if you don’t intend to ever use them again. It’s quite easy to go on a download spree and end up with more apps than you need. We will show you how to uninstall apps you’ve installed as well as pre-installed apps from the device like Blockbuster or Need For Speed. Doing these steps regularly keeps the device free from unnecessary items and makes things easier to find. It also can make a tremendous difference in the performance of the device.

Normal Uninstall

1. From the Home screen, press Menu.

2. Tap Settings.

3. Tap Applications.

4. Tap Manage applications.

5. Select the app you wish to delete.

6. Select Uninstall.

7. Tap the OK button to confirm your selection.

Remove Pre-installed Apps

If you just can’t stand having pre-installed “bloat-ware” apps on your Droid X, there’s a way to remove them, but it is a little complicated for the average user. First, you will have to gain root access on the device. After rooting, you still won’t be able to remove pre-installed apps using the method listed above. Instead, it requires a third-party app like System app Freezer & Remover or Titanium Backup. Both can be downloaded and installed from the Android Market. Be sure not to remove anything critical though. You can seriously damage your device if you remove the wrong thing.

That covers the two main ways to remove apps from Droid X. Please leave any experiences you have in the comments section below.


  1. Tracy says

    I’m uninstalling apps with sensitive information before returning my phone on a warranty exchange. Does this simple uninstall method effectively remove any traces of private information like passwords and content?

  2. Lissa Mac says

    I d/loaded Titanium to my Moto Droid X, but got a msg that it won’t work. Will another evolution do the trick, or shd I just give it up & try something else? Lost, pissed & not that familiar w/ smartphones ;)

  3. Aaron says

    As for voiding the warranty, the Supreme Federal Court ruled that rooting or jailbreaking a phone does not classify as hardware modification, which voids the warranty. It is software modification, which doesn’t.

  4. Joe Li says

    I think the only way is to get root.

    where is the contract that it said that we need to have this adserviceing thing running our phone.

  5. Jim says

    I have read this on other blogs…. It seems that if enough of us get on Verizon/Motorola they would reprogram the phones to let us take them off….

  6. Jim says

    SECOND TIME FOLKS – How do you delete the factory installed apps? See below… Without voiding the warrenty?

    Still looking for the answer to Ash Carreno question on how to delete apps that came with the phone. I don’t want Blockbuster – Don’t need it, don’t want it…

  7. Jim cherry says

    Still looking for the answer to Ash Carreno question on how to delete apps that came with the phone. I don’t want Blockbuster – Don’t need it, don’t want it…

  8. ash carreno says

    How do you remove the apps that come with the phone that you don’t want such as skype and amazon and all those apps?

  9. Marvin Carlton says

    I have downloaded TTS app and can not find out how to uninstall this and a couple more.

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